Quick questions about Army Life

Discussion in 'Officers' started by brendanharkin, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi, joining up after school and just wanted to ask some (stupid) questions with regards to being in the army.

    1. Is it possible to purchase my own equipment for use on operations if it is more efficient than provided equipment. (please don't hit me for blaspheming against the almighty, tight as a nun's arse, quartermaster)

    2. Which standard infantry regiments so far have been engaged in the most combat when on operations?

    3. Is it possible for me to completely abandon my human rights and just be endlessly sent out on operations?

    4. (last one) If i happen to tell the recruitment officer that i'm merely joining up for the chance to legally kill, will he promptly stick his patrol boot up my arse and send me flying out the door?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Piss poor effort as a wind up.
  3. tis no wind up, I'm being serious
  4. I recommend a visit to a trick cyclist prior to visiting any form of Army Careers office. You might save yourself the bus fare.
  5. any chance of a decent attempt at somebody answering my questions?

    less emphasis on number 4 please 8)
  6. HAHAHAHAHA quality

    not at all, just wondering if i can replace smaller less important equipment like the leatherman and gloves with better stuff if i spend the money myself,

    i have no intention of sprinting off on my own through the woods and ineffectively hip firing all my weapons at the surrounding scenery

  7. I think you should stick to paintballing, you chump. If your only interest is 'killing shit and buying gucci kit', try the RAF Regt.
  8. Paintballing sucks, i'd have more fun standing in the middle of the road playing chicken with traffic

    if i wanted to kill shit then i could go out and do hunting, it isn't just the killing that interests me funny enough,

    any chance of some less of the asshole answers and some serious ones?
  9. no traffic at this time, and all the cars that drive by now are regulars so they just try to hit me now

    i really must find a new place to do that...
  10. Funnily enough, the 'asshole answers' are coming from people who are actually serving.

    Please do have fun standing in the road. Please report back when your dead, theres a good civvy?
  11. Maybe they'd think back to the time they were joining up and had questions?

    All i want are some honest answers then i'll bugger off. Is that so hard?

    There's a good pretend service-man
  12. Brendan im joining up to legality kill too i want to spill human blood all ova afghanistan it makes my dick hard but tell ur recruiter all dat queen and country shit or u will be classed as mental also royal regiment of fusilliers see alot of action the went 104 days under contact a while back
  13. uhh yeah.... Okay...

    thanks for the fusiliers tip.

    Less of the info about your dick.. thanks
  14. Post this in the NAFFI Bar, you will get more honest answers there.
  15. My Wah-meter went off the clock, so I passed on by!

    It's still off the clock despite the potestations!