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Alright lads, i just needed a piece of info about basic training, first and foremost about 5 days ago i done my application form online when i had a thought about my braces, i thought it would have been a pretty straight forward search but as far as i see it's all mixed views on the internet, one thing i do know is that you are allowed braces upon entry as long as you are not due to be deployed on op's, so i was just wondering if any serving lads know if my braces would restrict my entry into basic. Cheers for any info.
Most people prefer a belt these days though. Just make sure it matches your shoes.
Rite cheers smudge and mediumwhiteamericano, I'm expecting to at least be having a talk with someone from the afco in the next few weeks, I'm also expecting some information back from them this coming wednesday so i'll just see how it goes cheers lads.
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