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Alright lads, thought this would be the best place to ask this.

A good mate has just passed ADSC and is due to start phase 1 in January. His trade choice is geo-terrain analasyst (bad spelling - I'm Infantry). Overall his goal is to go 24 Cdo, his fitness is very good with a sub 8.40 Pft time and he's also a keen long distance runner - Not Commando fit but a good start whilst he goes through training.

Anyway, he now tells me he wants to change his trade to Armoured Engineer, now I'm pretty sure, going off the old engineers website that Armoured was classed as a specialisation like amphibious, para, cdo, EOD etc. And not actually a trade. Is this right? Am I also right in thinking that theres not much call for Armoured Engineering in 24 Cdo?

If i'm right reference armoured not being a trade, would there be much call for the geo-terrain what-you call it in 24? I don't even know what the trade involves admittedly.

Again, sorry for the urine poor spelling!

Well I couldn't say for 100% what the score is but a friend of mine recently passed his armoured course and is now in a field squadron as there is no armoured troop and I'm sure anyone can apply for AACC and P Coy regardless of trade. Someone will know for sure though, just have to wait out ;)
If you are Armd Enger you should also be Combat Engineer trained..... 3 Cdo Bde will never have enough Combat Engineers.

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