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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by smileycat, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. A friend and I have just finished at University and we arn't due to graduate until the end of November. We are both halfway through the application process and we were just wondering if we end up at basic before graduation if there was any chance of getting out of basic to go to graduation. Or is this a def no no?
  2. Dont get your hopes up.

    It is an if though, as you can sometimes have quite a wait.
  3. Basic?? as graduans are you not joining as Hofficers??

    What will your degree be in?
  4. Is it medja studies, leisure & tourism or are you going for a really useful one, byzantine studies?

  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Extremely, highly unlikely. Syllabus is tight and is strictly adhered to by the staff. During my time at an ATR, the only time a recruit could get away was for compassionate reasons and even then, they were usually back-squadded so they wouldn't miss out on training.
  6. You can get away during weekends for compassionate family reasons but you need at least 2 weeks notice and before week 7 your likely to be turned down unless it's really compelling. During the week you have no chance for anything less than a death in the family. I'm not really too sure whether a graduation ceremony would be taken as a compassionate reason though.

    If your off to tread the shiny marble floors of Sandhurst though it might be a different matter entirely.
  7. hi there, welcome to the army.

    of course its not. death, serious illness, or similar significant reason for mum, dad, brother, sister, spouse or child.

    if it doesnt interfer with training, you may be granted it by the powers that be, but they have every right to tell you to go and cry to the wrvs lady and soldier on if its when your needed.
  8. Graduation... isn't that just the ceremony where you pick up your degree? If so, surely putting in your best effort during training is much more important than collecting a piece of paper, which by all chances, can just be mailed to you. We're talking about your future career here, not to mention one of the best times of your Army life.

    Besides, if you're only half way through your application process, then chances are, you won't be in training until November or later anyway. Its taken me 6 months from start to finish for a start date, and thats without any hiccups. I know others who started their application in January of this, and aren't due to start basic until January 2009.
  9. Fcuking hell, you're kidding right?
  10. Aye, I'll probably regret saying that once I'm in basic in a few weeks, but that's what all the serving bods tell me :lol:
  11. Haha mega. :lol:

    Good luck.
  12. They're lying! Its been the easiest part of my career so far though TBH.
  13. We both have a degree in Music and are joining the Music corps and you can't join the music corps as an officer. It doesn't bother me if i go to graduation or not but my friend wants to if he can.
  14. Being the caring sharing org your'll get all the time in the world off. Maybe breakfast in bed? a gentle wakeup call in the morning? need i go on..........................
  15. Having degrees in music, they'll probably be spammed for waking up the bugler half an hour before Reveille.

    They do still have buglers, don't they? :?