Quick question

I'm 16 and i've passed selection and heading off to Harrogate in January. The role i'm going for is Information Systems Engineer but I would like to know if I can change my Cap Badge to the Int Corps during my time at Harrogate and when. I've got the minimum grades needed for the role(OPMI) and i'm 17 on July 16th.



"to give you the best chance to make the right decision, you will be allowed to apply to change Capbadge midway through the course and nothing is made final until you have the opportunity to see what else is on offer within the Army" - Off the AFC Harrogate page
Regardless what the literature says transferring is only an option if the officers around you are for it. so tread very carefully mate, it all paperwork and signatures from then on in. Why not go to college and gain higher education and Im not talking about Diplomas or degrees just ife experinece, worth alot more than Pieces of paper and then join straight up as Itelligence Corps????? Good lick with whatever you decide.

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