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Discussion in 'RAC' started by cozzy20, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. hey everyone,just need a quick bit of advice(planning to join 2nd RTR)

    iv just rung my dr's surgery and they have posted my med forms off today,so when my AFCO gets them then il have a 2nd interview then RSC.

    my current fitness tests:

    press ups-2mins- 80
    sit ups- 70
    pull ups-7

    bearing in mind that i may still have a couple of weeks left yet,are these results ok?

  2. Quick answer - yes. Might want to improve your run time, but it is within minimal standards
  3. ok,2nd quick question,lol.

    could probably get it down to around 10minutes i reckon.

    what is the actual standard time that they set for you to pass??
  4. Beats me - it used to be 10:30 if under 30 yrs old but you should be able to confirm this with your AFCIO
  5. You run time is no problem, and if you keep that up at least, you'll have no time improving that well under 10 minutes when you finally get to phase 1 training.
  6. 12 mins for RAC (Males only) is the 1.5 mile time.

    10:30 is the MATTS minimum requirement and also the phase one passing out requirement too.

    50 Sit ups in 2 mins and 44 Press ups in 2 mins is MATTS minimum too, so you're well inside both of those.

  7. This might sound like a daft tip, but, don't get so fit that you can't leave room for improvement during your training. If you don't break into a sweat they'll think you are not trying hard enough.
    Your current level seems fine BTW. Was the time you gave after having done the 1st 1.5 miles? I'm assuming that still goes in the BFT which used to cover 3 miles in total.
    ( I'm sure someone will contradict / put me right though ) :roll:
  8. o ye,used to be able to do it in about 9.30 when i was playing rugby a lot at school,then went to uni and all went downhill from there really,lol.

    erm no that was just straight running 1.5 miles as thats what the recruiting office asked for,may be able to do it a bit quicker after a brief warm up and stretches i reckon.

    does the timed run go strait after the warm up BTW?
  9. The BFT may have changed since I left. As I remember it started 'shortly' after the first, so yes, but I think you should get this confirmed.
    I found it tough though. Stamina was my forte'.
  10. could do with running a little more distance i reckon and not so much about time for a few days,il try and complete 3 miles tomorrow then,could probably only manage just over a couple atm.

    whan did you do your BFT then?
  11. The BFT (Basic Fitness Test) - 1.5 miles squadded followed by 1.5 miles best effort was replaced by the APFA (Annual Personal Fitness Assesment) - Press Ups, Sit Ups and 1.5 mile, which in turn was replaced by the PFT (Personal Fitness Test) - Press Ups, Sit Ups and 1.5 mile run. My advice for what it's worth is to a lot of fartlek stuff and work on your sit ups and press ups. Also do the odd long distance (5/6 miles) run perhaps twice a week! :D
  12. S54. In boots or now in trainers :?
  13. when i first joined in1993 the btf was always in trainers..never done one in boots..nowadays the pft done in trainers...did anybody else hate the bft as much as i did??
  14. ah right,ye really fink i need to do a few longer runs now.

    thanks for the advice,so just a 1.5miler then?running wise.

    anyone got any extra info on the 2nd RTR BTW?as thats the reg i want to join! :D

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