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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by howie, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. howie

    howie Clanker

    as you all know im being re enlisted, My ACIO has informed me that the med centre in pirbright has sent me a letter im to do what the letter says and return it asap could someone please if poss explain to me what this might be thanks
  2. SKID986

    SKID986 Old-Salt


    • noun 1 a character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech; any of the symbols of an alphabet. 2 a written, typed, or printed communication, sent by post or messenger. 3 the precise terms of a statement or requirement. 4 (letters) literature.

    I favour meaning 2 in this context.
  3. Bossdog

    Bossdog LE

    No idea you haven't given us much to work with.......
  4. howie

    howie Clanker

    ok i have been in contact with the med centre and the letter being sent out is asking for further information from me ref a history of back pain i had when i was in last time , thing is physio sorted that out ages ago and i have never had a prob since , will i need to get an independant doctor or physio to certify me for this letter /
  5. Without knowing what the letter says exactly advice will be difficult to give. Does it ask you for for a formal Doctor/Physio letter, or simply asking you for information about what happened?
    Have they asked for permission to access your Civillian Medical records?

    Please tell me that you are not going to be having anything to do with communications/int/other peoples admin.
  6. howie

    howie Clanker

    my med docs are all mill only been out about 11 months not been to a civ doctor for anything ,still waiting on letter to arrive,but i know the contents of the letter, thats all it says a few questions about my back and to return it asap so they can continue with my re enlistment process,im just hoping this isnt an end to my re enlistment dream. Thankyou btw
  7. howie

    howie Clanker

    lol and no im a storman
  8. In that case simply answer the questions (when it arrives) and return it asap.

    seems kind of simple really, a little like yourself.
  9. howie

    howie Clanker

    never been one for brains lol just worried about getting back in thanks for your replies.
    and i love your witty coments
  10. CMT_Disgruntled

    CMT_Disgruntled Clanker

    make sure the tight bstards also send a SAE (stamped address envelope). the fookers can be tighter than a dolphins arrse, if not claim the postage back :)
  11. howie

    howie Clanker

    had a letter saturday asking for further information about a back problem i had in 2004 on my pre release medical it was a sprain only and was given ibruprofen for it ,it was gone in 2 days ,surly they would ask about that on my medical .or do you think there just covering there arse by getting me to answer the questions.
  12. temple_447

    temple_447 Swinger

    walt alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I believe the only sensible course of action is to go into extreme detail about everything - and I mean everything - you have done in the last 11 months. Go into graphic and lengthy detail particularly about any activities utilising your lower back, knees, arm and wrist. These will be critical to how they view you when you finally get there. Others on here may call you a w@nker for asking such a bone question. I myself would use entirely different words to describe your efforts.
  14. howie

    howie Clanker

    thanks and i know its a bone question just wanted to know how to go about answering the letter thats all.