Quick question:

I have been asked by a friend who is running a camp for some Space Cadets (ATC) to come & help out with some instruction (mock me at your own leisure).... Im assuming i would need to seek permission to do this from my OC?
(as im assuming that they want me to go in uniform etc..)
If nothing else (and I'm not sure how if this applies in the case of cadets), you may need to be DITs qualified in order to instruct in the aproved manner. And if you are not already, then you will probably need to get a police check done to demonstrate that you're not interested in kids in uniform for the wrong reasons.
hmmm.. i had a police check done a while ago... but not sure if it may have expired....
Ile have to have a word & see what he actually wants me to do. & ile have a chat with my OC & see if he knows what the deal is.

thanks for you help TM
I think you need your OC's permission for this mainly for Insurance purposes.

However, what T_M says is also true, Cadet AI's are vetted. I don't think you need to be vetted to take part, but don't even think about taking part in any activities where a cadet AI isn't present. They're trainined to handle minors, i'm guessing you're not. Having an AI present at all times is your only defense against any potential accusations.

Anyhow, hope i haven't scared you off with legal shit. Most Cadets are a dream to work with, dead keen, and mainly of the "yes Sgt, no Sgt, three bags full Sgt" variety. Oh how i wish my troops were so well disciplined!

Number of things occur here.

I suspect you would need to get permission from the ATC CoC as they would want to make a decision on whether you were suitable, i think they probably would want you to have a disclosure done - doesn't matter whther you have had one done before as they are only a snap shot in time.

Someone mentioned insurance and i think you would have to be published on your own units part ones to whether it was C1 or whatever type of training (that is paid or unpaid). This would mean that you were there in an official capacity and subsequently fell of a hill and broke your head, you would be insured. It would also entitle you to rations and travel etc.

Advice to consult your OC is sound, i would certainly not have wanted one of my guys going off and purporting to represent my Unit without my permission. It also means that you can probably draw on your unit resources for support.
ok, cheers for the info. I wouldnt do anything like that without seeking permission from my OC anyway. as for instructing ive been coaching kids/teens sports & activties for about 6-7 years so thats not really an issue & i am well qualified in that area.

Its also my old ATC sqn not been there for a while but my peers are now AIs etc & im also mates with the Wing warrent officer... soo i would hope they thought i would be suitable. Also used to coach the wing ladies footie team.

Really only doing it as a favour to pass on some useful info & hopefully be good publicity for the TA.

ok, so ile sort some kind of CRB check if mine is not appropriot & sort it all out at my unit.

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