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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crash test, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone out there find out if an individual has done selection for "those that shall not be mentioned" ?

    PM for details
  2. Green.

    (The boathouse).

  3. It was the last time I saw it, if you could call it a boathouse :)
  4. No, the one in the Strongbow brewery !!
  5. I was in the SSRS/SSIS team next door to the brewery and I saw nothing!


    edit to add a 49 knowing wink
  6. Why would you want to know? If he has then he's probably not passed otherwise he would most likely have left your unit.
  7. As previously mentioned I'm not going to discuss the details on here, now shush, I'm trying to sample Gyros from the only place round here that does it!!
  8. Are you drunk again mate?
  9. Selection, are we talking about for Strictly Come Dancing here? I've no idea how they select the contestants, I mean that fat bird from Emmerdale, who would have thought that so much mass could be so nimble.

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  10. DG, at this time of the day, you must be joking!!!
  11. It's the vibration that does it, a bit like slapping the arse and riding the waves, allegedly.