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Hi, I'm hopefully going to get into The Rifles after ADSC though I'd like to join as a driver. My question is the 3 job choices at the recruitment office I have The Rifles, Combat Medical Tech, and Army Police is this correct or is there a way of making it say The Rifles - Driver or is that something you specialize in once in your battalion ?

Thanks for any help guys, much appreciated.


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If you want to be a driver, join the RLC, if you want to be an infantryman, join The Rifles. And just for the record, Army Police is RMP (no one likes them, not even themselves)
Thanks for the quick reply, I sure do want to be an infantryman and will be going down them routes, I was just making a quick enquiry due to a few friends of mine being in the Coldstream Guards and they are "drivers" to a certain effect and have all there licenses to move the trucks, coaches etc etc I was more thinking for possible jobs in civvy street after my service is done which hopefully won't be for many moons, though trying to prepare my self for leaving the job I've wanted to do all my life seems just as important as making sure I have everything required to join these days.


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Good thinking for the future. But the Army can still be a big wide world even now. There's nothing stopping you getting a whole raft of skills that will earn you more than being a driver in Civvy street. Wait until you get in and then see what courses you can do once you reach your Battalion. A lot of them count to degree qualifications in management.

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You can't join the RIFLES as a drivr, it is a spec qual you might get, especially after your first couple of years when you will be in a Rifle coy. After that you will start to do different roles (mortors, sigs, recce etc) and start to get on some courses which may include driving.
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