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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by KennySte, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Where can I find out if someone served with RM CDO's...
    Someone I know claims he did abit of time, war stories an all, turns out he's probably telling porkies, not scamming anyone or the like, just like to know how much is BS.
    Hope you can point me in the right direction.

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  2. Oh dear god.

    Option A: Front up to the bloke and ask him to prove his service in some way.

    Option B: Drip like a broken tap on ARRSE and do nothing.

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  3. Ask him what colour the aircraft hanger at poole is....

    In the meantime spins us some of his Dits:thumright:
  4. Well TBH I no longer am close enough to front him, Manchester and Melbourne are a bit of a distance.
    And as I've said I'm not really arsed, more to find out if he's as big a billy as I think. Runs a business on the basis he's ex, so if not he's a lying to all. The people who are paying his bills.

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  5. Sounds like you should just file it away and have a cuppa.
  6. As for dits, he was RM CDO, did tours of Iraq etc. accurate info aswell. Did PTI, Recce, Mountain leader etc. basically all the good shit that moisten knickers. I had a lot of time for this bloke when I was UK.
    The other side is his discharge is of legendary status, battered a member of DS half to death in trg, was politely told he had to leave after serving time in the brig or wherever booties do time.
    That's prob main reason I want to know as your cant tell ppl one thing, then get caught chatting BS to another.
    Also rumor has it attempting to join 23, anyone know if there is an SF branch in Manchester now?

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  7. Ask him how many roll mats he owns.
  8. Does his business have a web page?

    The A team are here for hire, if you can find them, not me like, but linky do dahs often help.
  9. No reason not to share the dits! and you may get your answer by spinning them.
  10. Surely the colour of the First Drills favourite after work LBD.....Doh!
  11. Business does have a web page, but knowing you lot you'll rip him apart, and honestly that's not what I want, truth be told, he'd probably have made a great Marine/Soldier, had the ticks in the right boxes, just this info coming to light interested me.
    Is there there is anywhere I can throw his name into a search engine and see what's the craic? Wouldn't mind looking myself up too, see what comes up.

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  12. As has been said, many, many times before. If you are not prepared to play your hand there is no game. Put all your cards on the table and we can all see what you've got.

    People like the OP often ask for help and then run away at the same time, so its a bit bolloky.

    To be perfectly honest KennySte, all you've got is a big timer, whether he's served or not holds little interest and matters not.

    Is he a danger? Is he ripping people off? Has he stolen valour? Is he making money based on lies?

    Or is he the big red nosed twat we all laugh at in the pub?
  13. I'm actually about to launch an online service that identifies ex servicepeople and lets random strangers browse through them like a catalogue. Thought I might add geotagging so you can sign up for updates on their movements during the day, a weekly roundup of regular patterns, etc.

    It's called www.eitherthisisashitwinduporyouareacompletefuckingpissflap.com
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  14. You nearly got a 6th laugh of the day then.
  15. Ask to see his photos dressed up in a frilly Tutu and boots. Or ask him to recite the Royals' Corps ethics, drinking, fighting, killing. Or was it courage,
    adaptability or some such. Only kidding. His nose probably is red and he's an amusing biff.