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Hey everyone

Im currently a university student in my second year, and am starting to look at what I want to do afterwards. Im starting to look quite seriously at the armed services and am wondering what the minimum accepted eye sight standards are?

My current eye sight is -6.00 in both eyes.

Also if my eye sight was too poor but I got eye surgery would I then be able to join?

I would have gone to my local AFCO but it's a bit of a mission from home.
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I have daily disposable contact lenses and the containers say -6.00 on them.

Is that not just related to astigmatism? which is the factor of blur on a lens. I got a reading for that at my eye test and the fractions for either eye which adds up to 20/20 20/2000 20/10 blah blah blah to give eyesight


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I can't get it up on the website so I can't see the requirements from there.

Would be a good idea if you could ask your optician

Eye acucity is the factor number i.e your 20/20 and the -6.00 would be astigmatism i THINK don't quote me on it , What i do know is form some roles they will certainly check both i.e Pilot


From AFCO Form 5: 4.19

"The minimum standards for both uncorrected and corrected vision are determined by service medical staff and are dependent on the proposed employment and trade."

"spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than -7 dioptres or +8 dioptres in any meridian"

As for laser eye surgery, it says under 4.16 Basic Medical requirements that Laser eye surgery in the previous 12 months precludes entry.

Hope that helps!

Bear in mind they will have the final say, so you should discuss it with your AFCO!
Looks like I should pass if its -.700. However I will make try and get down to a AFCO soon. Rural Devon is pretty cut off sometimes.

Thanks for the help