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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Chatting about Ashford today with another old git. what was the name of the old lecture hall on the left as you went down the main drag, next to the museum?
  2. I can see the place in my mind's eye but can't remember the name

    (........the memory definitely goes first, closely followed by the bladder.)
  3. This the one where the mannequin was left sitting at the end of the corridor in the argie kit?
  4. Was it not the Davis Annex?? Used to be the mil trg office for the basic trg pl.
  5. that's the badger! you ******* star. cheers for that, it was torturing us all afternoon :)
  6. Was the lecture hall not called Templer Hall !
    IIRC as you passed the Museum the first thing I remember on the left was the old MT Shed come Drill Shed
  7. Nope there was a lecture room before the MT sheds. My squad (108) did all of its Phase 2 (in oldspeak) there. Lecture Hall is perhaps a grandiose title for what was not a lot more than a brick box.
  8. Remember the brick shed well. Used to regularly "catch fire" when the Fire Picquet was being trained
  9. Blimey, i knew you were old, but squad 10.
  10. Combatintman's reggie number starts 2....there's nothing after that...
  11. need some help on this one guys...Davis annexe does not compute..the museum was on the left as you came thru the gate..then you had the MT complex..lecture halls etc were in Block 13..Davidson, Bremner etc..JSIW was Block 14..Depot was block 10..then PUzzle Palace was in Block 8
  12. smiurep, youre missing a couple of buildings. in the vicinity of the museum on the LHS, you also had the indoor .22 range, and a one-storey brick building, which just consisted of a large classroom used for all the basic training lessons etc. remember it very well, just couldn't name it.
  13. ahhh...right...i have the museum, indoor range and MT ok, but cannot place this other block..might not have been there when i went thru trg of course!!..Sq 22..(68-69)..if it was called Davis block, then that could have been in memory of Alec Davis, who was an LE QM, late 80's, who sadly died either shortly before or after retirement.
  14. New one begins with an 8 which makes me a nig in both armies. Coincidentally 8 was the digit that somehow got replaced by the smiley thingy in my last post.