Quick question.

I have my briefing coming up on Monday and just have two quick questions.

How early should I arrive? and what should I arrive wearing?
I am assuming fifteen minutes early is more than enough, as any earlier I may just look dumb standing around waiting. And turning up in a suit would be best right?

Any last minute advice is also welcome! Though I think I am more or less prepared, just going to have to make sure I look good sucking at the bleep test.
Will you be travelling straight from home on the Monday morning or are you stopping in a B & B on Sunday? If the latter they will arrange for a taxi to take you to the camp. If you are stopping in a B & B you will get to know people before briefing and with any luck maybe in the same group as them. When I was in the B & B myself and the lads I met went to the pub (not much choice in Westbury) and then sat chatting back in the dining room and probably covered all the issues raised in the group discussion. If your not in a B & B you will not be at a disadvantage as I was not in any of the lads from the B & B's groups and still did fine ;) .

I would definitely turn up in a suit and make sure you have your form of identification and paper work at hand to show the security on the gate. 20 minutes early should be fine although I am sure someone who has been to Westbury more recently than myself will be able to tell you how early they was.

As long as you feel prepared then you should be fine, give it 110% at all times and do not over evaluate too much on any mistakes you may or may not have made.

Have fun! Half of the experience is meeting other like-minded people who are striving for the same goal. Remember it is not a competition, it is a test of your aptitude to be an Officer - team-working, enthusiasm and drive will always be checked.

When dealing with any stage of your application, always look your professional best. Suit, polished shoes, neat haircut. I promise you, if you engage with everyone while showing off your best qualities, you'll have a blast!

Good luck

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