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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Spaza, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi, got my first interview on wednesday :D but was wondering if i can change my job choices slightly, at the barb i said i wanted parachute regiment, royal engineers and royal anglians. But i would probably change 3rd to rifles and 2nd to grenadier guards. Thing is i dont have the handouts for these regiments so ill just have to research.

    Thanks alot
  2. Of course you can change it. You have no obligation yet.
  3. Why the sudden change of regiments?
  4. Course you can change it mate, they let me change my job choices after my int's and they were fine good luck with it :)
  5. Cheers guys thats good to know :). Changed from Royal Anglians because i reckon being in a national regiment would be better than a local one - go out drinking nationwide! Would a guards regiment training be the same as other infantry regiments just with 2 weeks drill training at the end? Also is it much of an issue if in not running at a perfect time yet, getting 10.28 at the mo when paras time needed is alot less?

    Thanks again
  6. I'd probably forget about Para Reg unless you can really sort that run time out. 9.18 or under for Paras, you need to be running a good 8.30-9.00 and be able to cope with PRAC (search).
  7. Train hard and you can get the run time down easilly, i started at 11:10 and brought it down to 9:30 just by training hard.
  8. Did the 1.5mile today for my interview tomorrow and got 9.24, well pleased, those 5 milers been paying off. Got 70 situps, 64 pressups, 8 heaves in a row and 15 in 2 minutes. Do i call the recruiting sergent his name or sergent? Cheers
  9. 64 pressups...!
  10. You won't really need to address him as such, but if you ask for him, ask for Sgt whatshisface.
  11. Thanks, will do!
    what you mean 64 pressups....! ?
    is that bad?
  12. train harder if you want para, but CIC for guards division isn't the same as line infantry, its diffrent as the drill and ceremonial stuff is incorporated into the course rather than just logged onto the end. like para, you dont finish training then do p-coy, p-coy is about week 21 i think?
  13. No, 64 is decent!
  14. :lol: Try the DERR.....................................'S 8)
  15. no matter what div you go to for training everyone's drill training is "incorporated into the course" no ones drill is just slapped on at the end, although after final ex and warcop you'l spend all of your last week rehearsing your pass out , the only real difference between line and guard training is there's more emphasis on drill throughout the course for guards