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Quick question

Hi guys,
Just a quick question, i'm transferring from the Navy to The Rifles and im just waiting for a date to start basic which should hoprfully be in the next few weeks. Anyway my question is, on my last letter from the Army it stated i needed to a CBT INF Course. I take it that is just another name for basic training?? I have looked online and asked the Navy but as its pretty uncommon for this type of transfer they've not been much help. I'm just wondering if i have more then basic training to wory about.
Thanks for your help
Jolly Jack
Jolly_Jack10 said:
Thank you, thats taken a weight of my mind. Basic training is enough to think about without having another course to worry about. Thanks again
The 26 weeks is basic training, its just that the first 14 weeks is the basic part, the next 12 is the Combat Infantryman's Course.
JJ10 - Welcome to the RIFLES family.

We had a couple of Matlocks join us in the 80's, one was a skimmer the other a WAFU, both fitted in very well, obviously there was quite a bit of p1ss taking - but you wouldn't want it any other way.

If you go to 1RIFLES you may even get work with some of your old mates on board ship. At least you'll be able to translate Jack speak for them.
Thanks for the replies, the Navy really haven't been much use at all and all my questions are answered with blank faces. If the CBT INF Course is the last 12 weeks after the 14 weeks basic I think I'm only doing the last 12 weeks as I've been told today that the CBT INF Course is all I am required to do.
As far as translating Jack speak it's always handy to have to someone who speaks it, matelots are a wonderful breed of creature as long as you are kept drunk. I get a date to start at Cattrick on Monday so fingers crossed it will soon. Thanks again and any other hints, tips and advise is welcome.

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