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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by davii, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. davii

    davii Crow

    Im looking to join the int corps. But i also want to join the Para's. So is it possible i can join the Para's serve 3-5 years then possibly change to int corps? Sorry kind of new and im curious.
  2. adastra

    adastra War Hero

    At the AFCO ask about 49 PARA, this is the fast track route
  3. davii

    davii Crow

    Thanks for that.
  4. Adastra may you burn in hell for that.
  5. Davros_the_Dalek

    Davros_the_Dalek War Hero

  6. offhand

    offhand Old-Salt

  7. Shamus

    Shamus Old-Salt

    Just out of interest can you not join the Int Corps, and put yourself forward for an airborne Bde or if you wanted the commando bde, assuming you're above average fitness? That way you can get to do P Coy and/or Commando course, but don't have to take all the other shit?
  8. Invicta

    Invicta LE

    To answer your question, yes you can serve for a few years in the Para's or any other cap badge and then think about transfering to the Corps.
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  10. ...er...yes, really, do tell us more

    or are you just a c0ck (given that Adastra appears to have made a post that is genuinely witty anything is possible)
  11. Sorry mate, totally confused. Join the Para's what? Why not just ask him?
  12. Nice one, Centurion, like it , like it

    on form as ever
  13. eye_spy

    eye_spy LE

    That is quite possibly one of the funniest posts I have seen on here for a while!
  14. A sense of humour transplant?? I thought that was medically and ethically impossible!
  15. Invicta

    Invicta LE

    maybe Ad Astra has been cutting and pasting from someone elses funnies? :?