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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Poppy, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. A colleague has just asked what the correct terminology is for an army helicopter "buzzing" someone riding a motorbike across Salisbury Plain - is buzzing the correct word?
  2. "Beating up" ?
  3. I cannot believe that would ever happen as AAC pilots are thoroughly professional!
  4. Exercise 99....wazzing and zooming!
  5. Hmm well just be careful you never know who rides motorbikes..

    Reminds me of a famous incident a few years ago where a certain RN junglie pilot decided to "have a race" at very low level with the London - Taunton express - only to get compulsorarily PVR'd the next day as he didn't realise there was an Admiral on board...
  6. Moral of the story is 'make sure you dont bother authing or signing the cab out'. ;)
  7. Target Practice

    Whilst driving with a colleague on a lonely stretch of Scottish road, we were overflown by 2 Jaguars at quite low level. He commented on the coincidence of that happened, at which point I burst out laughing and pointed out that we were targets of opportunity. "Oh!", he said and when I further pointed out they were probably on the way to the range with live munitions, the colour drained out of his face - literally :pale:

    I've never seen somebody get so upset about a spot of low flying :D
  8. Also, possibly not a good idea to try to race even a village hoppa train with a flying whale. The Admiral must have been a squinty sharp-eyed type to note the serial as he whizzed past on the train...
  9. No longer the case with Carson :twisted:
  10. Are you able to get up to 92 kts with the new blades now? :D
  11. "Hunt the Cunt" I once heard a certain (now brown bread) Lynx crewman call it.
  12. Low flying, when I have the opportunity to get a screwdriver out and open the inspection hatches of the Tornado as it passes? And that Pucara makes the most evil noise.
  13. With a 40kt tailwind of course :D Plus being prepared to lose a few panels :oops:

    Edited for the afteraffects of 1 through 15R vibration.
  14. Lynx, Puma, Super Puma, we all know cats don't like the water.