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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, May 3, 2006.

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  1. i have ny joining instruction for catterick infront of me and i was wondering if anyone can explain

    "A recruit qualifies as a combat infantryman TA having passed CIC(TA)and, within 6 months of CIC(TA),completing the disributed training elements of CMS(R)TA,Part 3 - CBRN(formalyNBC) and the military swim test. A recruit is awarded one of the following assesments on completion of CIC(TA):
    NOT COmpleted "

    what i am asking is what is the swim test and how is it done when is it done where is it done anyone with information would be appreciated
  2. Have you no mates in your company you can ask these questions to? Seriously?
  3. yes but they all working today and im off sick and seen as i wont say anyof them again until tues night i figured that it was easier to ask here than wait a week
  4. Fair one
  5. The swim test consists of treading water for 2min, and then swimming 200m (normally 4 lengths of a 50m pool), the test finishes when you manage to get out of the pool unaided (you don’t use a ladder or get a mate to pull you out). At no point may you touch the sides of the pool or the bottom.

    The test is conducted on one of you CMS(R)3 weekends, as for how and where it is done – I would have thought that was obvious.
  6. Now there is a surprise :roll: , nothing serious I hope STP?
  7. just a chest infection
    nothin to serious
  8. I never done a swim test, or is it a new thing for TA bods now?

    (have to excuse me, been out for nearly two years injured)
  9. Only time I have ever done one was for Cambrian patrol build up. Must be reliatvely new this is only year no. 5 for me
  10. Though I don't know for certain, I suspect that in former years, the swim test comprised whatever the PTI felt like at the time. Examples include:

    Jump from top board wearing coveralls (2 sizes too small) and carrying wooden rifle. Tread water until two minutes after the last person has jumped in (Hint - try to be the last to jump in). Remove coveralls, convert to buoyancy aid and swim two laps of the pool. Exit from the side of the pool (deep end) unaided. Variations include a) drop rifle in deep end and retrieve. b) keep rifle out of water. c) swim through a hoop anchored to the bottom of the pool. On one occasion, the PTI was thrown in the pool afterwards, but I'm not sure if this was a compulsory part of the test.

    Jump in the dock at the WTC at Gib. Swim under a boat and climb out the other side of the dock unaided. If you don't contract leptospirosis, you pass.

    "Can you swim?" "Yes" "Pass". OR "Can you swim?" "No" "Weak swimmer".
  11. dont quote me on this i may be wrong which most likly i am but i belive it was introduced wit the whole matts system
    all i know is it is def in the cic joining instruction
    and states it must be passed along with nbc
  12. Did mine in approx 1990. jump off high board in shirt and trousers. tread water for 2 minutes. then swim 100 metres? and get out unaided. Complted this to be told by our WO2 who thought he was Mark Spitz that now we had had a practice we would do the REAL test the following day. As someone who regards swimming as a survival technique rather than a fun thing to do, I have to say it was as close as I ever came to blows with a senior rank.
  13. so get practicing on those dolphinesque leaps from the water onto the side at the end, I found the easiest way to get this right was to have a mate stood at the side with a dead fish in his hand :lol: :lol:
  14. In the faded depths of my memory, you only had to complete the swim test once in your career, so we did the dmn thing every week at JLR.
    Or you could do the LURRPS one which is infinetly more fun.

    What you need to do Stevie is make sure Greenpeace is nowhere about.