quick question - sizing lightweights etc.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by long_tall_frenchie, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi, just a quick question. I need to get myself issued lightweights, wooly-pullies and no.2 shirts and I was wondering how the sizing works. Will it be the same sizing system as for C95 or do I have to get my inside leg measured in inches and all that?

  2. Lightweight strides need to be larger in the seat and wider in the leg, to allow for the sewn in creases.

  3. VERY good Sandman :D Nice link to THAT thread.

  4. Lightweights are cut differently. Much less slack in the crotch and arrse.
  5. If I remember correctly, my old denim ones with the cross over belts were the PERFECT fit. Without sewn-in creases that is.

  6. Sewn in creases, WTF?

    Why would you?
  7. Why would you want to wear that shit?

    Unless your some kind of air soft enthusiast?
  8. Id rather take 'Alpha' Team Airsoft from Burton on Trents reserve team to Musa Qala than a gaggle of Dehli Spearmen
  9. To do what?

    Replen the toilet rolls and warm blankets?
  10. It's on the kit list. I guess I'll just have to improvise.
  11. are you off on the TACC?

    You NEED all the items on the kit list, else you'll look like a tool and wont be able to complete the course

    My lightweight size is the same as my C95 size is that helps..
  12. Is TACC looking for leadership or looking pretty?

    You won't be binned off the course for stores being unable to issue you the kit list. Everyone will just be in C95s.

    Also which lightweights? With pocket or without? No2 shirt or Officers SD shirt?

    Chances are it will end up a cluster and back into 95 you go. Same gig with issue t-shirts, shorts and socks for PT. Black or green socks, plastic or cotton t-shirts? Issue smock? Which one? Etc. All depends when you joined up and sends the DS potty. Tough sh1t. It is what they paid for.

    Badger store by all means (if it is TACC you are going to then it should be a main effort) but don't fret.
  13. 9th/12th.......who?