Quick question, regarding "Walts"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biscuits_Brown, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Me being on sommewhat dodgy ground in that direction I don't often join in in "walt baiting".

    However I met a chap today, in a pub, claims service in an armoured reg. of Irish extraction, early '70's-ish.

    Certainly talks the talk, and didn't fall into any of the usual...."traps" shall we say?

    Does anyone have knowledge of a Boxhead civvy being killed by a Chiefy on ex. somewhere close to the 'Traz in the early part of the '70's?
    Responsibility hung on the driver, and although he avoided jail was left in **** state mentally and left to his own devices in that respect....

    If he's genuine, he needs help...soon.
    If he's trying it on. He needs a kicking quicker.

    Advice greatfully recieved.
  2. my first thought is why would someone make that up?

    wouldn't a walt say "i was in 49 para and first in through the window of the iranian embassy and the boathouse at hereford is lilac"

    rather than "I ran some poor cnut over on ex and now i can't sleep at night"

    why do you suspect him?
  3. The fact that he claims such disaffection with the Forces that he wont avail of any possible help available.

    Could be true.... In which case I'm in a position to put something useful his way, not charity...work.

    But if he's arssing me around... I'd rather see him hung out to dry....
  4. Do you have some Germans that you want run over then ?

  5. BTW

    I realise I'm being...evasive, or light on details if you like, but I don't want to say too much just in case the guy's legit. Any pointers would be genuinely appreciated as if the story is true and not a handy "buy me a beer" tale.... Well...you get the picture.
  6. Little bit NAAFI that Flip, old man.
  7. F**king funny though! :lol:
  8. Didn't say it wasn't :wink:
  9. Hmm, what if he came on here and said "Oh yeah, I remember that, it was awful, poor guy!".

    You could only rely on people who you know reasonably well to verify such a fact.
  10. I was serving in BAOR at that time, and did hear a very strong rumour that a Chiefy had driven over a berm on an unspecified training area, much to the disadvantage of the German civvy who was parked on the other side of said berm. Got this from a very good mate who was with the armoured farmers at the time.
  11. point him at the Royal British Legion Welfare bods. If he is genuine his story will still be documented. He will deserve a pension if his mental state is from the 'incident'. If he is making it up well, that's life.
  12. He is either very genuine, and full of heart-felt remorse, in which case he should talk to a priest, or needs to be given pints with your own p1ss in them for telling such a horrible story and making you feel sorry for him and a mythical hun plus family.

    I remember a really bad RTA in BAOR in the 80s, when one of our dim drivers took an entire company the wrong way down a dual carriageway because the rupert insisted it was the right road.

    I and a reservist medic had to attend to a poor eric who had both his kneecaps smashed plus all the usual claret all over the place accompanied by a screming wife. While we were doing so, another car piled into the car of the bloke we were trying to help, breaking the reservist's shin. What a mess

    The driver of our lead 4 tonner felt really really bad about it and I ( because I can speak the teutonic tongue) took him to the hospital ( which was runs by hun nuns :worship: ) the next day to see the German chap who basically said no hard feelings because he could see how cut up our dim driver was.

    He was very decent, given that he would never walk properly again.

    Our dim driver went on to loose a 4 tonner in a wood in Soltau. no duff. And , inexplicably, he still drives, for the MOD these days. Oh well.

    Anyway, if your bloke is a fake, then damn his eyes, and get him to drink your pee in his pints, and tell him afterwards.
  13. I think you'll find his story genuine.... Ex lionheart in 1980 or 82 had a number of fatalities on germciv and mil side!!!!
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Crusader was 1980, Lionheart was 84 IIRC.
  15. Walt = Walter Mitty right?

    What's the core criteria for a walt then, if there are certain points that qualify you as being a bona fide walt? And what factors exempt you from being a walt?

    Should I really need to ask this? Am I being a complete walt for asking this?