Quick question regarding Soldier/Officer selection

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by fulham1, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. I have been in the TA for over two years now and love the Army. I am transferring to become a regular soldier and just waiting for my date to start basic training. After speaking to my brother he mentioned going in as an Officer, I did consider it when I started the process but didn’t think it would be for me. I have since spoken with one of my mum’s friends, a Major who has further put the idea of going for Officer Selection into my head.

    Now that I am so close to joining as a regular soldier if I were to switch my application to one for Officer, would I have to start the whole process from scratch, e.g. medical etc or could my military files be flipped over and I go directly to the interview, ASOB stage of the process?

    If I can’t do this, once I am at Pirbright can I ask to try for Officer Selection there?

    Have any of you gone from Regular soldier to Officer while serving ot training or know that you can change your mind when so close to getting a start date for basic?

    I am set on a career in the Army; I just wanted to explore all options.

    Sorry for the length of this message.
  2. Much easier to change from potential soldier to potential officer before going to basic training, I would suggest. Basic training is generally seen as a but of a pipeline to get people through as soldiers and although some do get picked up as potential officers at this stage, they are pretty few and far between.

    Not sure how easy/quick it will be to flip your documentation over from the potential soldier pile to the potential officer pile. You are best off asking your recruiter about this, but don't let him try to put you off being an officer if you are qualified and are likely to be suitable. In terms of qualifications, you will need a minimum of about 5 GCSEs (A-C) and a couple of A levels, but most officers also have degrees; again your recruiter will be able to give you the detailed requirements.

    In short, ask your recruiter!
  3. Thank you for that candid but helpful response.

    I was always going to talk to my recruitment sergeant. I have built up a good working relationship with him and can trust his advice. He has not tried to pressure me into any role which has been good.

    However I wanted to see if anyone had similar thoughts in the past or been through a similar transitional process.

    Getting an accurate view of the lay of the land, not the Army poster version is why this site has been extremely useful to me.

    Also fulfilling the educational requirements will not be a problem as I will have graduate by the time any date/decision is made; as the Army moves on most matters with the speed of an arthritic donkey dragging a heavy weight, but that’s why we love it.
  4. Graduate? Really, with such appalling grammar and ignorance of punctuation as displayed above? I digress. There are plethora links on this site ref your query, but as far as the details go talking to your recruiter is by far the best option. If you want to go officer go for it. You are taking a massive chance hoping that you will be seen as officer material during basic/phase 1 training. You could go to basic and then say you want to be an officer, but they will ask why you never enquired of your recruiter beforehand.

    In short, as your recruiter.

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  5. Yes I am. I see no need to find fault, on a usually friendly and helpful site. Perhaps you are the kind of person many speak of that make them hesitant when considering joining as an Officer.

    If we are getting petty you made a number of mistakes. You missed the word ‘a’ and ‘of’ on one occasion and the final sentence makes no real sense. It would read better if you removed “of your recruiter”.

    I can brush up on my grammar and punctuation, but your people skills are atrocious. Passed over for promotion recently or maybe even rogered one too many times in a dark corner of the mess? I don’t know or care. Your comment says more about you than it does me, but I thank you for your final bit of advice none the less.
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  6. Oh gosh you sound like you have the perfect temperament and sense of humour for military life. You'll go far..............
  7. Good answer, and just ignore him - he can be a dick.

    As to the choice you need to make, you'll need to offer a little more information: what cap badge are you looking at for either officer or soldier entry? What's your degree?
  8. *scribble* Poor attention to detail. Doesn't respond well to constructive criticism. Commas in the wrong places. *scribble*

    Our nation was built on the ability to give and receive criticism, and to build on them, Dear Boy. Surely you were taught the importance of this as a 1st year degree student?
  9. End of the day Fulham1, choose whats best for you, explore both options and go with what feels right for you and what you want to do yourself.

    If you're looking into Officer, explore the capbadges you want to go in, get in touch with their Careers Advisor's and get loaded onto some FAM visits to get a better insight into what an Army Officer in their Corps/Regiment will be like.

    Good Luck!
  10. Career advisor's what?

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  11. Fulham, there are plenty of potential officers on here and elsewhere whose written English is far worse than yours, so do not worry about that.

    It is worth (re)considering which part of the army you wish to join. You may very well find that the regiment or corps you were planning to join as a soldier is not the same one you would wish to join as an officer. Your recruiter should pass you on to the officer in charge of potential officers and he or she will be able to advise further.

    To reiterate, if you want to be an officer, I would strongly recommend making the change during the application process and not wait until you are in basic training.

    Good luck!