Quick Question Regarding Qualifications

I'm going to Briefing in a months time, and hopefully Sandhurst in the May intake assuming I get that far :).

I asked this question of my application sponsor and he wasn't actually sure, so just thought I'd check as obviously I need to cover every detail...

I don't have my GCSE or A-Level education certificates (my parents emigrated, took a bunch of stuff and threw out the rest whilst I was at University). I have a signed and headed letter from my school to show my courses and grades, and I have my University certificate. Will that suffice? TIA.
I was told at that stage in the application process that no certificates will mean no main board. I looked into buying copies of them from the examination boards which equated to £28 each on average but as luck would have it my originals turned up from the deepest darkest corners of the parents' house. If your sponsor is not your local ACA(O) then try getting in touch with them instead for a (hopefully) definitive answer. Good luck with the application.
My sponsor is my ACA(o). Best phone the exam board then..

Crap, according to the exam board they will not issue replacement certificates if lost. Seems stupid to have come this far and then get rejected because of this.
Fortunately speaking to my sponsors secretary yielded better results :).

A headed letter, signed by the headmaster from my school detailing my results will be absolutely fine. Phew.

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