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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GingeWHU, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question for the masses, i've searched and had no luck, i've asked at my local TAC but most of them trained somewhere else.

    Just wanted to know what time you need to arrive on the friday evening before weekend1.

    I'm starting basic at Grantham in late Nov. (Training for the RAMC as a CMT)
    I work 12.5 hour shifts for an NHS Trust in London. They've shifted me in for the friday on a full day, so i'm looking at 0800-2030.

    Wondering on whether or not i can then make it after work, or if i've gotta charm a day off out of them.

    Passed my RSD ok, Attested a fortnight ago, should be getting kit this week.
    Cant wait to get stuck in.

    Cheers everybody
  2. Reception is normally open to 22.00hrs so you are going to miss that. If you turn up late you will at least need to know what block/room no. you are in. Your best bet is to ring Grantham direct.
    Good luck with basic mate.
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  3. Your unit escort should also be able to provide the RTC with your contact details and ETA, saying that you shouldn't be self drive.

    The Duty Instructor should also be contactable whatever time you arrive but pre warning them is a good idea.
  4. I know I'm thick, but if you work in That London, why not parade and train in That London?
  5. Cheers for the information everybody
    I thought I was being optimistic

    BravoBravo, i live in london, my unit is in colchester, i have to trek a way out to my TAC purely because it is the closest medical regiment to me, which you should agree, is the best place to train as a medic.

    As for why i'm going to grantham, TSC(A). My brigade sends people to grantham...
    therefore, i go where the big green machine sends me

    Wasn't thick, was a fair question

  6. 144 are based in London. Failing that any Inf unit will take you on strength as a CMT if they have the PID.
  7. 256 Fd Hosp are London, there' a det in Bow.
  8. I'm not worried about the travel boys and girls. That was never the issue. I chose 254 over 144 and 256 after plenty of deliberation and chats with the respective staff with each.

    256 at Bow is a field hospital as apposed to 254 which is a general med regt, so it loves its professional doctors, nurses and physios... as for CMT's... i'd be lucky to get a look in.

    144 is para, know a few fella's there. P company is not quite my cupotea at the mo (hopefully in the future), so i'll get some time under my belt with my mob first... plus, its actually quicker to get to colchester from where i am... gotta love a fast train

    any local infantry reg would again cater for a CMT, but each drill night will never be medical based, it will be based around the majority which will be... obviously... infantry. I'm not knocking that one bit, but for someone who wants to be a numero uno deployable CMT i'd rather train in a medical environment with medically trained peers.

    At my unit, we've got people from all over civvie medical... paramedics, nurses, resus officers, physios etc... so the skills mix and the knowledge i can tap is the business.

    So yeah, 254 i'm happy with. The issue was never regarding the unit or travel or any of that.
    Got my head screwed on as to what i want to do.

    It was purely, that one train from kings cross to grantham i was worried about.
    Cheers for the info though

  9. Well, it sounds like you have done your research and know what you want, a bit rare on here sometimes.
  10. Fair one mate. Good luck.
  11. I can't say too much but you have made a sound decision.

    In arduis fidelis Rodders!

  12. Ginge,

    Between 19:00 - 22:00, your joining instructions will have a contact number on if you are going to arrive after this time.