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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bawheed, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. on what circumstances can a solider (not Parachute Regiment) wear them ie do you have to complete jumps or pcoy and jumps or pcoy jumps and also have to serve with the airborne brigade.Also whats the difference between Royal Marine wings and army wings .just curious
  2. Now we know why your called bawheed!
    PCoy-Jumps- wear them with pride and if any fcuker pulls you up..call them a hat bearing in mind you will still be a hat any way
  3. Marine wings are given out like sweets to badge collecting sea hats. They've never done a sim 45, doorbundle and wedge in their careers. Homos.

    Army wings are earnt by sweat, blood and tears.
  4. And a plethora of other defence course that involve going nowhere near catterick ... i can think of 3 cses of the top of my head, that enable wearing of para-wings, once BPC is complete
  5. Most of them involving blood, sweat, etc etc - you see where I'm coming from here?
  6. I am a QA and bidding for a place on P company for later this year. If successful I hope to serve with an Airborne unit. Does anyone here know of a QA who has attempted P company, what is the general pass/ fail rate. And do you guys who have served with both Airborne and non-airborne units prefer this. I am serious about attending and passing this course and would appreciate any views or advice.
  7. My advice is get your brown wings first love....
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  9. QA's have got wings in the past - male this is, I think?????????

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