Quick question on WW2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Closet_Jibber, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. When did they first call WW2 by the name we know it as today?

    Like the Great War probably wasn't called the great war at the time when did they decide that the war with the Axis forces was substantial enough to call it a World War?

    Long after or what?

    I only ask as I wonder whether my kiddies, kiddies may one day be studying about the Middle East in their studies about World War Three?

    Food For thought or a simple answer?
  2. Ask John Keegan.
  3. I would but he doesn't drink in my local anymore. Cheers though.

    On a serious note are you suggesting I may find the answer in a book of his? I do enjoy a good read!
  5. ISBN 0 600 39382-8
  6. It just dawned on me after reading a comment in another thread that we could already be in World War Three and not even realise it yet.

    Lets look at it.

    We (The West) are spanking Iraq and Afghanistan (The East) in a non conventional way.

    The Russians (The East) are spanking Georgia (The West)(Well ish) in a semi conventional way.

    There is alot of international finger wagging going on and what is basically people shooting people. Has it begun and we haven't realised it? Or is it something that happens in an instant and will be plastered across every headline in the civilised world?
  7. Josey, before I look up that book.

    Will it answer my query about WWII or why aw the kids in my cul-de-sac look aliike?

    Forewarned is forearmed "manui dat cognito vires".....
  8. It's an encylopedia of World War II with clips of events and major participants . Very easy for a youngster to take on board.
  9. :D :D :D :D

    Thanks for that!!! A nipper no longer though :D '67 was a very good year. So was 1967 they tell me :D

    Whiskybreath thinks we wore blue shirts in the A&SH. I never signed up for Balaklava :D How auld does he think I am???
  10. Anyone else got a shorter term fix???

    Or am I going to have to buy "The Great book of War"
  11. US Presidential Order of 11th September 1945, snappily titled THE NAMING OF WORLD WAR II does give some clues, since it says that 'World War II' had been used in the naming of seven preceding pieces of US legislation.
  12. Cheers - So we'll have to wait until its finished to know whether it ever was??? (Officially and on paper ofcourse)
  13. Well, apparently The Times first made referrence to 'World War Two' on 27th January 1943.

    Since we all know which carries the most weight might I suggest you keep your eyes on Mr Murdoch's fine publication for the earliest confirmation that we are indeed in the midst of WWIII
  14. Not sure when "World War II" was first used but the war was certainly being refered to as the "Second World War" during the war itself.

    "World War II" has historically been the American term, whereas Commonwealth countries have typically used the term "Second World War".
  15. It's never been called WW2. Unless you're an American.

    We Britons refer to it as the Second World War.


    Edit - beaten to it by Psywar!