Quick question on the Comms Systems Operator about qualifications

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by machie, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Basically I am hoping to join the Forces, been wanting to for ages and have been training for months + currently doing a preparation course due to having a broken wrist a year ago and got deffered until Aug this year (so it fully recovered)

    I firstly wanted to join the Infantry but now been looking into the CSO role,

    it says on the jobs website:

    I have an English GCSE and a C in ICT, but no maths. I'm a little confused, will this be enough to apply??

    thanks + sorry if i sound like a noob!
  2. Apply, they'll tell you your options.
  3. Don't think that counts. You need a D in English, Maths and Science/ICT at the very least. I originally wanted to go for Electronic Warfare but I didn't have the qualifications for that so I had to choose Comms Systems Operator.

    Actually, after rereading that quote a few times over I'm not sure if it means a D in Maths OR Science/IT.
  4. no worries, thanks for the replies. I'll be going down afco monday now I'll find out for sure. hopefully its maths OR ict
  5. Grade D in English.

    Grade D in Maths or a Science/ICT subject.

    However, don't expect to be top of the pile if that is all you are bringing to the party. Many Ops apply with a fist full of Bs and Cs.

    IIRC, EW Op requires grade C in English and maths and either a Science/IT or a foreign lang.
  6. Huh? I thought that depended on your ADSC performance, not your GCSE grades?
  7. The two compliment each other.

    And you should know that...

  8. Liar. I've read the Daily Mail (not really) and I know for a fact that every kid leaves school with tonnes of Gcse and A levels.
  9. I'm going for EWOp with, as previously stated, a fistful of B's and C's, with a couple of low A level grades too (just not quite enough to apply as officer), I'd hope that would give me a boost in selection.