Quick question on selection requirements

hello all im new to this site and just wanted to say how wicked it is.

But the reason why i post this topic is im half way through my application (im up to the doctor signing my medical forms)i've stated on my application form i want to join the para's and i still do very much but my run time is not all that gr8.im going to request 3 months training prior to selection to mainly get my run time down to 9 mins. Now if i changed my job selection to the normal infantry rather than the para's will i still qualify as a pre para at selection if i do the 9 min mile etc or will they just send me to a normal infantry unit.Or lol should i leave my job selction as a para and if i dont meet the 'PARA' standards will i just be accepted as a normal infantry-man or will i get defferd for 3-6 months to work on my progress.

sorry if this is long winded or sounds a bit nooby but i coudnt explain it any other way.

thanks for the help
if you put para down as your first choice with infanteer as your second then when you go to ADSC selection and get a 10.14 run time they will just let you join as infantry. However if you get some running done and manage to do it in 9.16 then they will send you down the Para route!!

anyone feel free to correct me if i am wrong....but thats how i understand it
Thanks and also if i do happen to join the infantry can i still have a shot a p-coy after phase two ????
concentrate on getting your run time down to near 9 mins. i went there with paras in mind got 10.21 deffered for 3 months because i didnt want to join a line infantry regiment. if your committed to paras then go for it and for f**ksake DO NOT LET YOUR RECRUITING SERGEANT BULLY YOU INTO JOINING HIS REGIMENT!!! i failed the run back in october passed in february and am due to start basic at the start of may. (7 months) im told and i belive this, that you will be fucked around so much by your superiors in the line infantry regiment, you will make friends and settle into a routine and will have so much respect for your current regiment that you wont want to know about p coy. it wudv taken me a lot longer than 7 months to do it through a different regiment, so the easy way is'nt always the best way. take your time and do what you want to do

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