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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    When i had my BARB test, my recruiting sargeant asked me what regiment I wish to join.

    Can you join the same regiment regardless of whether you go infantry, RLC, or RA?

    or are there only a certain number for RLC, RA, or Infantry

    Sorry to seem dopey, but I really don't know, so that's why I am asking


    PS. I am from Scunthorpe, North lincolnshire, what are the nearest ones, if anybody knows off the top of their head**
  2. 34 views and no replys!, help someone out here, gentlemen :p
  3. well seeing you gave 17 minutes before anyone replied, id have said people are looking at other threads.

    this confused me......Can you join the same regiment regardless of whether you go infantry, RLC, or RA?

    Please explain in English
  4. Erm. The Regiment you wish to join? OK, for example:

    If you wanted to go Armoured (drive tanks) you would then specify further what unit you're interested in (if any), i.e. 9/12th Lancers.

    Or you want to go infantry? Specify further by saying you're interested in the Rifles or the PWRR, for instance.

    If you're not decided on specific regiments, start from basics and figure out what interests you. Do you want to run around with rifles and shoot Johnny Foreigner, or drive a tank and do same? Or drive a truck in a Logistic chain? Or... The list goes on. Get some brochures from your AFCO/ACIO and ask questions about what happens in each corps.

    Currently short of Infantry and Artillery, if these don't interest you, don't let the recruiter push you into the role.
  5. well my 1st choice is RLC Driver
    2nd is gunner AS90
    and 3rd is Infantry

    Im debating moving infantry to second but RLC driver is definitley my 1st job choice, any advice for regiments?
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  7. The choice of regiment is a personal one you should look at who your local Infantry battalion is as its possible if you join them some of the people will be from your area or know the same places which may help you settle.

    In general though it may be worth you buying the British army : A pocket guide link below;


    This will give you more of an insight into the structure of the Army
  8. Support arms are a little different to teeth arms.

    If you are an RLC driver you could start in one regiment and in three years move to another. So you could start as a Drops driver on your first posting then, after a course be a staff car driver in London district.

    If you go as a gunner, and the trades as gunner are many, again you could be in one Regt on AS90 and move to another Regt in Germany on AS90.

    If you go infantry/armour you join a regiment for life. Your Regt may move from place to place but you stay with that Regt. You may be posted to other units for short periods (training instructor at a depot) but you will return to your regiment. If you Regt has ore than one Bn you may move between them but you are still in the same Regt. There are exceptions, at the higher level of rank you may have to change Regts within you Division to gain promotion (WO1) but this does not happen often.

    In short if you are a driver you could be posted at the armies discretion from one Regt to another. If you are a gunner you will always be a gunner no matter what Regt you move to but you tend to stay in your trade. If you are Inf you will fight tooth and nail not to leave your Regt.
  9. Ben with the change of regiments in to super Battalions you can change from roll to roll the same as the Corps now a days. The emphasis is on employability and experiance in various rolls.

    As in the Yorkshire Regiment, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, and The Rifles, they are now Multi Battalion regiments with a varied amount of rolls and you can do 3 years in one and then go to another or stay put it is up to you.
  10. Being at Scunthorpe you will be going to Grimsby Careers office I take it.

    RLC driver you can be posted to any RLC unit in the UK.

    The local Artillary established unit who visit all the time is 1RHA but if you dont put this as a preference when you get to Lark Hill you will get given which ever RA unit they see fit.

    The local Infantry unit is the Poachers The Royal Anglians or if you wanted to go guards they Recruit the Grenadier Guards.

    In the three Careers offices in Lincolnshire (Lincoln, Grimsby and Boston) they are Recruiters from The Poachers, 1RHA and the Grenadier Guards so you can have a chat with them or they also get Recruiting teams up from the area to talk to you.
    As said the RLC unit could be anywhere but they do get a Recruiting team up from 13 Air Assault RLC quite a bit s if you fancy the PARA/Infantry side of the driving bit find out when there up next.

    PM me with your Recruiter/ Senior Recruiters First names or initials please, i want to see whos there at the mo.

    For interest QRL is the local Tankie Regt.
  11. Just to clarify, when you join the army, you're not actually required to join a "local" unit, as it were. You can join any unit you like. Assuming you A) Are good enough for them and B) they want you.
  12. Not actually required but it is always good to be with your local infantry, RA, RAC unit for a number of reasons. One of the main reason is that your all from the same area and when of leave you know that there are others heading in your direction. Theres also the loyalty to your area and tradition etc. Im REME so not with any of my local Regiments.