Quick question on officer educational requirements.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by The Badgers' Hole, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. The educational requirements are as follows:

    35 ALIS points (34 for Scottish Standards) gained from the best seven subjects at GCSE, or equivalent, which must include English language, mathematics and either a science subject or a foreign language. 
    In addition a score of 180 UCAS Tariff points acquired in separate subjects at AS and A level, or equivalent. These must include a minimum of two passes at A level, or equivalent, at grades A-E. Note that the General Studies paper does not qualify for UCAS Tariff points. 
    I converted my leaving cert results to UCAS Tarrif points and got 175. I didn't do a foreign language, but did honours English. I'm finnishing college this year with an hounors degree(four year) in science. My question is will my degree supersede my past exams, or will it block my entry as an officer?

  2. Ring ACA(O) in Palace Barracks, and he will answer all. He's bang on, you'll have a definite answer in seconds if you have your leaving cert results to hand.

    edit: Oh and don't forget, you can add ALL your LC examinations, not just your top 6.
  3. Hole

    I do not have a degree, and my 180 UCAS points come from AS levels only, not A-levels. I have a Certificate of Education (a teaching qual. which is basically a PGCE without the PG) and it hasn't stopped me, so i'm pretty sure your degree would be fine!

  4. finnishing? I didn't do a foreign language? Your Finnish sounds pretty good to me!
  5. You'll have a degree, which trumps the A-levels, unless you are getting it from the Nigerian University of Training Studies (NUTS).

    I am of course presuming that an Irish degree is worth just as much as a British one?
  6. yeah I guess I should do this really, I'll be in contact with them soon anyways.

    AFAIK Irish & British degree's are on the same parr. I didn't take up a foreing laguage so I was thinking that my science degree might override my science subject back in school.