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Quick Question, ITC Catch-up course

I have to attend the 2 week catch up course, does anyone know if i will get put with another bunch of recruits that have been at ITC Catterick since say january and then join my section when the rest come 2 weeks later, or will i be put in a new section then everyone that comes 2 weeks later will join?

Not a walt question or whatever you call it, genuine question :).
its a platoon of about 30 recruits that all got over 10.30 at selection. youll be in a seperate platoon and will be doing up to 4 pt sessions a day. after that course has finnished youll be put in the relevant divisions and will start day 1 week 1 with new recruits who didnt need to to the spc

your section on the catch up course will normally be in the same platoon as you when you start the actuall itc course

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