Quick Question. Is there a gym at RTMC Chilwell?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bart, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Quick Question. Is there a gym at RTMC Chilwell?
    Does it have alot of equipment?

    cheers bart
  2. i dont know mate ill find out on 6th of feb.i think teses a good 1 from what i can tell
  3. my key borad is crap need a new 1 so forget bout my spelling
  4. yes there is a well equiped gym there. its right up a bloody great hill i remember running up and down to get to the cookhouse. to use it you will need to arrange to meet a PTI who will make sure you are ok to use the equipment
  5. There's one about 5 minutes away from there as well. Chilwell Olympia. You have to go down the drive towards the Secondry school.
  6. You dont need to ask a PTI, the gym is part of your induction.
  7. Cool thanks for the replies guys

  8. The keys all appear to be there, they just seem to be in the wrong order. Maybe you should speak to your local Enducation Centre.
  9. Yes, invisible helper, its where the active people go to do phys. You could try it sometime, rather than hiding behind a four-tonner when CO's PT is on.

    Yes, I've seen you.

    And that note from your mum regarding your 'bad case of the sniffles' is a definate forgery.