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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally133, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Hey everyone, just a quick question really, i really hate all kinds of drugs, but i few of my friends sometimes smoke canabis, i was just wondering if i am in the same room as them, breathing in their smoke, will i fail a drug test? i am startin basic in january and was just wondering when you have the first drug test in basic training? thanks in advance guys, ally
  2. Second-hand cannabis smoke will get into your system and will get you high.
    It’s not really worth the risk.
  3. Actually the correct answer is no unless the concentration is very high.
    The tests levels are deliberately set at a sensitivity where you cant claim the second hand smoke argument.

    I believe the analogy used by the CDT folks is that you would have to stand in a phone box with a whole bunch of spliff heads for a day or so to get a fail.
  4. thanks, do you guys no when you get the first drug test in basic? is it everyone or just selected few?
  5. If you are not meddling in the stuff then don't flap about it. If you are then you might consider looking elsewhere for a career.
  6. you get it monday you get back after long weekend. everyone gets it. If i were you i would just disappear when your pot head "mates" blaze up ..anyway theyre gonna forget about yuou when youve been gona for a year and will only care if you give em cash for drugs anyway..
  7. i thought everyone knew that..?
  8. poppy seeds? cheers, nah there all at uni and just seem to get high all the time! i phoned frank and they said dont worry about it, it takes canabis 30 days to get out your system if you smoke it, it doesnt show on a test if you passive inhale it!
  9. 5 weeks into my training, no tests yet. I never take drugs, so I've nothing to worry about, but if you've been in any sort of contact with drugs, you should get some time to work it out of your system. But the CDT can be at any time, so don't count on it.
  10. If you hang around with people who smoke dope you have to ask yourself,are you the right person for the army? I think not .Hopefully I am wrong .Thing is, if you get in the army and when you are on leave with those same mates its only a matter of time before you drop yourself in it.No if you smoke like a chimney and drink loads of stella yet youy are able to pass your PFT you will fit in well.

    Is it worth hanging around with pothead mates?
  11. If they spark up in front of you simply administer a sharp right hook and fcuk off, never to see them again.
  12. or aleft hook.. no one suspects a left hook.. :twisted:
  13. any drug test before the eight week point indicates that 'substances' could have been used whilst in Civvi street

    any drug test after the eight week point wil prove that substances have been used whilst in service.

    Is it really worth it?

    and it boils down to the small matters of self-disciplineand honesty - if you havent got these, dont bother turning up day one week one!!