Quick Question Guys!

I completed my briefing back in the first week of June, and subsequently completed all paper work and returned it. The problem is I haven't heard from Westbury about a main board date, my ACA told me all my paper work is there. So to cut a long story short, should I continue to wait for them to contact me, or should I ring them? I wouldn't normally wait, but I don't want to be seen as pushy or that I can't follow the simple instruction "wait".
Definitely call them, that's what I did and it caused me no harm. It never hurts to make personal contact as it means when they come across your name they may remember you as the polite bloke who rang up earlier.

Also they are all really nice and helpful.

So gave them a call, they were polite and very helpful. Seems my papers are near the top of the pile and will be processed some time this week. Thanks for the help.

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