Quick question for the septics out there.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Crazy_Legs, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. I have just been informed that we have a couple of yanks joining us for our annual camp (US/UK exchange programme) and one of them is an "SFC".

    Not one I was taught on AJD so what the fcuk does this stand for (Sergeant First Clas????) and what is the UK equivalent?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. I believe, its Specialist, First Class.
  3. It stands for Secialist first class, and after indepth discussions with a septic, and a lot of argueing, about the same as a grade 1 soldier. Sgt is their first NCO rank. They work it out on an E basis. E stands for Enlisted, so for instance if they are E1 it means Enlisted 1 which would be a Grade 4 soldier (bloke in training) and follows as this:
    E1 - 4 Pte, (E3 is known as Private First Class. E4 is know as Specialist class 4 or Spec 4) E5 - Sgt (LCpl), E6-SSgt (Cpl), E7- Sergeant First Class (Sgt), E8-Master Sgt (CSgt/WO2), E9-CSM-Command Sergeant Major (WO1) or something along those lines anyway.
  4. I'm talking rubbish SFC is Sergeant First Class
  5. Easy mistake to make, the septics have a limit of 3 letters for all abbreviations of rank, it works with their software apparently. So. SFC is indeed Sergeant First Class. A Specialist First Class becomes SP4. It all sounds good until you get to a Lt.Col. who becomes LTC and I believe a Maj. Gen is MGN!!! If it aint broke................
  6. Sorry Readyfourzero....but that truely deserves a.....


  7. Is "General Of The Army" a bit of a "GOA" then?

  8. no matter what the rank, he will be the equivalent of some one whos half way through phase 1 trg. :D
  9. I think the waters are sufficiently muddied and so I feel compelled to straighten out some misinformation.

    An E-1 Private is a trainee.
    E-2 is also a Private but has 1 chevron.
    E-3 PFC has a chevron and a rocker.

    There is no Specialist First Class, just Specialist 4 but if the Spc4 is in a leadership position he can be appointed a Corporal or if the commander choses he can be appointed an AJ [Acting Jack]/Sgt. A Sgt in the infantry is a fire team leader.

    A Corporal in any army is still a Corporal. Now the UK version may be paid like a US Staff Sgt but the responsibilities are quite different.
    A squad leader is a Staff Sgt [SSGT]/E6.

    At the E-8 level we have Master Sgt [MSGT] and 1SGT[ First Sgt]. The First
    Sgt is the top NCO in a company.

    By the way the abbreviation for Major General is MG.

    As an aside the Army used to have Spc4- Spc7 but all were discontinued - save the Spec4. The Spc6 and Spc7's were authorized SSgt and SFC rank.
  10. Well thats cleared that up then.... :D :D
  11. Now we've cleared that up (I think!) can any of the Yanks give any ideas or suggestions for wind ups of your 2 reserve force colleagues who are coming to join us for 2 weeks in the summer? :D
  12. Just found out I'm going the other way ie UK to US. Looking forward to it!
  13. But in the UK, a fire team leader is a Lance Corporal, and a section (pretty much equivalent to squad, I believe) commander is a Corporal - so aren't the responsibilities of E5-SGT/LCpl and E6-SSGT/Cpl actually pretty similar?