Quick question for ATs?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Lazygit, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. I think it's an ammo related question

    What's UAMS?
    What does it do?
    Where is it used?
    Who uses it?
    Is it any good?

    Not a Wah, I've recently had a conversation with somebody who has influence on my future - he mentioned it, I wondered what it was but didn't want to come across as a dumbass - I'd already succeeded in that capacity.
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    More a Stacker type question but..........

    UAMS decide how much ammo you are entitled to and if you can have it.

    Any QM/RQMS should know all about them. :)
  3. Might also invole a posting to Wilton if UAMS was linked with the letters UK.
  4. I take it it's an IT system or is it a unit?

    Is it solely administrated/used in Wilton or is it spread across the field army?

    Do the smaller 'depots' like Batus and CLU use it/have them?

    As you can tell it's all a bit swahili to me :oops:
  5. UAMS stands for Unit Ammunition Monitoring System.

    Every unit has an entitlement to Ammo and Pyros based on the number of soldiers and weapons a unit has, regardless of weapon size. You start the trg yr with your entitlement for year.

    Unit QMs submits ammo demand to UAMS who check that you have an entitlement to the ammo requested, deducts that amount from your aannual entitlement and then authorises the issue. It also deducts any stock held in the unit store on day one of the trg yr, so you can never be issued with more ammo than you are entitled to. That also means that a good unit will end the year with Nil stock, having drawn all it's entitlement for the Trg year.

    What it's good at is monitoring unit ammunition demands to ensure that nobody gets more than what they are entitled to , thus saving the public money!
  6. Where is it? It's housed in HQ LAND at Wilton with an Officer, a couple of seniors and a handful of civil servants!
  7. If Units run recognised Cadres then the ammo can be bid for above entitlement. There is also Pool ammo and OTX ammo entitlement Noe of this is relevant as I think the question has already been well answered.
  8. Curses! UAMS secret location has been compromised..... quick, to the Bat mobile, there may yet be time to save them!