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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by frrgi, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Couldnt find any information on this matter anywhere ive looked and it didnt really seem worth thinking about during phase 1 training. Ive just recently completed phase 1 training, and will be starting phase 2 soon. Ive been told my DAOR date (Discharge as of Statutory Right) is January, im simply wondering is that date only open while your in phase 1 or does it still apply in phase 2? Ive got the worst of training behind me now but i just wana know if my chosen career isnt the right one for me do i still have time to back out? Incase you need to know i swore my oath in july, commenced phase 1 in july and im 18 years old.

    Thanks for your time, frrgi.
  2. You only get 3 a month window if you are over 18, my advice? don't do it! I'd give anything to be in your shoes - starting out again.

    I've just finished my 22 year regular career and am now NRPS (full time TA) and am insanely jealous of you young uns starting out.

    Yeah it can be s**t at times but the good times far outweigh the bad and if it doesn't suit you - you only have to do it for 4 years and you'll still be young enough to start over in a new career. Also it'll look good on your CV.
  3. if your 18 or over then you have only 3 months to decide to leave i think, although i could be wrong as im not in yet. Shouldnt you really be asking one of your officers?
  4. Totally agree, Im serving at the moment and alot of my friends have recently signed off or recently gotten out.
    As your man said there are shit times, quite alot of shit times in basic! But the good times and the mates you'll make in battalion can't be matched anywhere else.
    Remember you can still change capbadge/trade in training.
  5. Become a sailor....all the bum loving you can get
  6. Totally agree with the comments above, i am halfway through my career and loved every day so far. If you DAOR i think your a balloon knot as it is possibly the best your going to get. If you dont mind what Capbadge are you? This might reveal why you want to DAOR? Also where did you do phase one training? MnB you crack me up with some of your comments :p
  7. Hey again. Wel im at phase 2 now, i spoke to my platoon corporal and he said now im 18 i most probally cnt daor, but i was told i had 5 months to daor cus i was 17 at signing up, and got told at phase1 i cud daor frm here, its pretty shitty atm and if i cnt leave if my views on army life change. Wat am i to do. :'(
  8. Never judge the army by your training experience. Much as most of us love to slag things off, it is a much better life than you can have in civi street. At the moment, I have been in 3 years and out earn all my friends and have much lower overheads so my life is much more comfortable than theirs.

    Yes theres been its bad times and times i've almost quit but in reality if you get to your unit and hate it then, then you can sing off after a couple of years. Although it sounds a long time, it will pass quickly. I'm currently in the Falklands doing the most bone tedious job i've ever done yet although it feels like its dragging, the weeks are flying past and i'm sure i'll miss it when i'm gone. What feels like shite at the time you will look back on with a twisted fondness
  9. All the posts make sense but im not even in the trade i want to be in, i attempted a transfer from the rac to the aac, they lost my papers and didnt tell me until 7 weeks down the line and i couldnt transfer then. When i was at phase 1 i signed a peice of paper saying i had til january to daor now im being told it isnt, its been and gone, just seems like ive been told a pile of lies. Is there anyway i can get out of the army if i want to? Other than taking drugs and going to prison lol.
  10. Get through training mate, you'll love it! All the beer drinking and fat bird shagging you can get, and your mates wont batt an eyelid :D
    Oh and only gays do drugs! if you wanna get out that much smack your platoon commander or shit on the floor in an OC's interview! ..... You'll be a legend.
  11. Lol somehow i dont think id get out that way, just get into alot of trouble! Thing is though during phase1 i signed papers saying i had until january 07 to drop out, and i also got told that. Now getting told my date was the end of phase2 can i not appeal against that because of lack of information or whatever. If not is there any reasonable way left?