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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help?

    Getting a bit hacked off now. I am awaiting being sent on a course in lieu. I am a T3 (techie) traded siggie. I am in a ptarmigan troop.

    I was unable to attend my annual camp for good reason, and accordingly put in a letter well in advance of annual camp.

    I have now been waiting since April to get dates for a course. I have been told the only course that I am eligible for is a UEHD course (sh1t-shovellers course).

    I have attempted to get dates for this course from my SPSI on a ridiculous number of occasions, to which he has constantly replied that he has to wait to be told when the dates for the course are, as they have not been set yet.

    What I want to know is-

    1. UEHD is the only course I am eligible for - is this true? Or is it just easy to get places on or is it a wind up by my SPSI because I missed camp?
    2. Is there anywhere that I can find out all of the names of the courses I might be eligible to go on? Or if anyone on here has some ideas which ones might be useful for me. Would prefer to do sig related course than inf, but it must count as a course in lieu.
    3. Are course dates sent out part way through the yuear? I assumed they would be sorted at the start of the year and everyone would know about them? Seems mad to decide them as the year goes on. There must be some sort of lead up time. I can't just turn around at work and say "I wont be in for two weeks" - I need to give 4 weeks notice.
    4. If they are available - does anybody know when the course dates are?
    5. If I am getting dicked by my SPSI - what is the best way to go about resolving it? In civvy street I would go in and tell him to pull his finger out, not sure how well this would go down?
  2. I have no idea about Sigs stuff, but in my unit we go through our chain of command as our SPSI gets hacked off if we go to him for booking of courses etc! Our PSI's deal with courses etc!
  3. Have a look in DCI Courses. This publishes all courses run by all Schools and Corps for the trg year. (Your unit should hold a copy.) :)
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The DCI is the place to start, but you will also find that a lot of courses are "to follow" and many are subject to change. Speak to your troop commander and get him to get access to it if you are not having any success.

    Just try not to do it 10 minutes before final parade, which seems to be a favourite trick!
  5. Right

    So how do i get access to the DCI without my SPSI getting p1ssed off that I am trying to go around him?

    I would imagine it is not readily available.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You already have the answer to that question. Ask your troop commander to get it for you. He has a valid reason for ensuring that he is aware of what courses are on offer and when, so that he can advise the soldiers.
  7. Cushty

    I will have a word with him next time he is in.

    Cheers for that Duke/others