QUICK question asap

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by swansea84, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Guys quick question need answer ASAP.

    My recruiter just called me saying ther is a space this Sunday for welsh guards(not what i want) whats the chance of me taking this and changing job choice during trainng for paras/royal welsh????

  2. None. Next.
  3. Go for the job you want because its a bloody embuggerance to transfer when you're in. even if you have to wait a few more months, if its Para's you want, you'll need that time to train anyway.
  4. But there's no guarentee that you'd get it. I'd rather ask, why don't you want the Welsh Guards?
  5. I know 2 people there both dropped out 1 wrent paras 1 went home. I know u do drill in training but theres alot more in guards if im right?? Really not what i want. and the rest they doing wiht queen crap.
  6. You might want to do a little more research if you believe all they do is "with Queen crap in between lots of drill".
  7. go for what you want to do, dont sacrafice that because you can go this sunday. your para start will come around soon enough and youll be doing something that you actually want to do. simples
  8. Stick to what you want if I were you. If you were to try and transfer once signed up, which is possible, it can take a year to go through.
  9. Ah such patriotism....
  10. No offence but its not what i would want to do. I dont have the head for that stuff. Or dressing like that.
  11. Cheers guys look's like im just going to wait a little longer.