Quick Question About IT & Comms untis.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Skoot, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. I've nearly filled out my apllication form for my local TAC but i'm having a bit of trouble with one point in the application. What 2 job preferences I would prefer.

    Could I send in the form completed and leave this part blank and see where they put me, or what jobs can you choose from an IT & Comms unit?

    Any replies on the jobs within an IT & Comms unit would be great.
  2. Which unit are you looking to join ?
  3. Go for ICS Op (RS Op), unless you have some electronics/comms quals (HND+) then I'd go ICS Tech (Systems/Radio) Tech.

    That still applies if your in a Ptarmigan unit but they will call the trade RS Op. You'll shortly be working with the very latest comms equipment (BOWMAN) and computer systems (again BOWMAN).
  4. If its a 2(NC) Bde Unit. To be an operator you will ask for ICS OP (UK Ops), Technician SET (UK Ops), Electrician UK Ops.
    They are the normal trades but have been renamed by 2 Bde
  5. Yeah, I'd like to be an operatetor, but I think once they see "NVQ2 Catering" in my other qaulifications section I know where they'll put me. So... maybe I should leave it out??
  6. Leave it out, you joined the TA for something different didn't you
  7. Is there still an entrance test ?
  8. Discuss it with the recruiting staff, we don't put people into jobs without talking to them. They don't stay in a job they don't enjoy or want to do..
  9. Yes Polar69 there is still an entrance test. I did it today and hte staff gibberer said I could do any job I wanted apart from being a Technician with them scores. But she didn't explain what the jobs were to me as the jobs are changing and being renamed etc. And hte PASO said at the interview that it would bore the fecking arrse off me (and him) explainning what they where.

    But I told them that I would like a job where I get to fiddle about with things that weren't overly technical, and I would like to do driving in me job as well.
  10. You can't do thicknician without having the right civilian quals. People on this site are more likely to advise far better than any recruit staff, so if you have anymore questions then fire away
  11. It sounds like RS Op is the best for you. You get hands on with all the kit and can walk away when you break it! - driving won't be a problem - our unit is always short of drivers.
  12. Yeah sounds good. But I think everyone at that unit gets to drive the Bedfords, because there were more lorries then TA members there on the training day when I went. Hehe.

    But just one last question for the time being, what is the full name for the ICS Op or RS Op jobs? At a guess I think it's Radio Systems Operator :D But what would the ICS Op mean?
  13. And just for conversation, when I was getting my formal interview with the PASO (is that right?) he asked me what the TA was. I replied with "It's the part time part of the army" (Yeah I know stupid way of putting it), but he said that it was basically correct and that I'd be suprised at how many people he's interviewed who actually don't know what it is. Which led me to think the following, do these mongs actually get into the TA? And if they DO, do they actually learn what to do etc and become part of the team?
  14. Information Communication Systems Operator.

    You sound like your joining a Ptarmigan unit, this trade doesnt't exist yet but the Radio Systems Operators (use radios from the back of land rovers) will merge with the Area Systems Operators (AS Op) to form one trade. (Although its probably change in name only)

    The trades in a Ptarmigan unit are

    Techs (nerds who fix comms kit, normally need to hold geek civilian quals)
    Area Systems Operators (computer geeks or if female - bitter and twisted - also called switch bitches)
    Area Systems Operators (Radio Relay) - For those that fail to be one of the above, like to go on and on about putting up SCAM 12 masts
    Electrician Drivers - Those that failed all of the above
    Radio Systems Operators - This is where the better looking females go

    If you expect to stay in the TA long term then and your into comms then go AS Op/RS Op/Tech as this opens up more career paths latter on in your career, if you just enjoy soldering then go Radio Relay as this gets you noticed more.
  15. Always such helpful and informative advice, thanks alot people :D :p