quick question about grenades

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. at RSC we had a test on the L2A2 and it said that its effective range was 190 metres, i didn't think to ask at the time but surely this isn't right? if that was true it would wipe out everyone around it for almost 400 metres in total, and most certainly kill the thrower, whether hes on the ground or not?
  2. If that was true then the manufactures of 155mm ammo would soon be out of business!
  3. so the range is not even close to 190 metres?
  4. 15m although if they explode on level, flat ground some splinters could reach 150m
  5. ah yeah thats what the corporal said, he said 150 metres he'd guess but it is possible they reach 190 metres, i expect if you got hit by a splinter at 190 metres it'd be less painful than a bite off a house spider though?
  6. The pamphlet says 15 m & 190 m, (sad git that I am I have the pamphlet)
  7. so, a slightly more disturbing question, what happens to a person within the 15 metre radius when a grenade goes off, is he blown to bits like in the films, or what?
  8. Normal reaction is to jump a bit then carry on smoking tabs.....................................after you've bitten out the grenade thrower's throat.
  9. Wow when i read the title i thought whoops someone has pulled a pin and was typing one handed!
    Throw from cover or expect a bit back and it wont be like below
    Ha ha
  10. Not always.
    My dad lost bits of 3 fingers, his sight for 6 weeks and had some
    shrapnel embedded in his face courtesy of a 37 grenade.

    Armourer, knowing of your hobby I would like your thoughts,
    Dad at the time was a Sgt undergoing instruction.
    Pin out, grenade thrown. It detonated some 6 feet away.
    He presumed a faulty fuse?
    Could he have been right?- it was 1942.
  11. Of course he's right - he's your dad and they're always right.
  12. Wow when i read the title i thought whoops someone has pulled a pin and was typing one handed!

    I do hope you're not knocking my literary skills sir?!

    And a grenade went off 6 feet away..I'd imagine he was very, very lucky to survive that?
  13. I know an Officer who didn't duck quite quick enough in the throwing pit.
    He was hit in the head by a speck, apparently no bigger than the head of a pin. It threw him back I don't think he'd say it was like a spider bite. He spent the next year having to take ant-convusive medicine, as a precaution. They didn't operate to take it out.
  14. 15 meters on soft ground, behind a blast wall, no probs. 200 meters on a hard surface without protection, crack on.