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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pistol101, May 27, 2009.

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  1. I am almost half-way through my recruit training and have decided that I will be going regular over the next year. I am also going to Australia to do some travelling before I start Phase 1. The question I'm putting forward is to how this would look to my unit. Do I continue training, complete Phase 1, knowing full well I will not go forward to CIC or discharge now saving a lot of time-wasting on their part? Has anyone had any similar experiences of this.

    I am committed to completing the training but how will it look leaving a few weeks after I've passed Phase 1. The Australia opportunity is something that has just come up and personally is a chance I can't refuse - it's not something I was intending when initially applying for the TA.

    Any advise or words of wisdom would be great!

    Many thanks
  2. Two sides really mate...

    Your side: Good experience, get paid etc.

    Your units side: Cost involved, potentially taking someone else's place.

    I'd say speak to your unit and see what they've got to say. Personally though, I'd be off.
  3. Looking back at my intake my answer would be "not unusual".

    IMHO Its all a matter of perception and presentation. Complete your phase one (as mentioned, good training and modest pay) and tell your OC/DS that they did such a stormingly professional job that you've decided to go regular. Thank them for helping you "see the light". They'll probably be quiet chuffed.

  4. Finish off your training, any training is good training, and the go down the route of what Deadreckon suggests, don’t jack the training now as anything could happen in the future.
    If you are joining the regs as the same cap badge as your TA unit ,it can only help with your training you are now receiving, Stay in until the end of training and good luck for the future
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Go for a leave of absence just prior to Australia. If you change your mind about going regular, the TA will still be there for you.

  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You will be just one of any number of people who fail/do not complete.

    Don't lose sleep over it - your unit won't. Just be honest and tell them that you intend to go regular, but also want to spend some time travelling before hand.

    Anyone who argues with that is a shortsighted idiot who you should not worry about.
  7. Called something else now isn't it - career break? If that is so, the Australia thing could definitely be pitched as self-development, gaining some experience of the world etc etc, prior to taking up the TA/Reg thing, whichever one you go for.