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Discussion in 'Officers' started by gsxrcbr, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. I'm asking for a friend as I am extremely far from being officer material. Anyway, he has the A levels, and GCSES, and is currently studying for an electrical systems engineering degree. He wants to apply to become an officer in the Army Air Corps but is worried about it being an almost impossible job to get. I told him to go for it if its what he wants, but his dad was a Colour Sergeant in the Army, and has told him not to bother because hardly anybody that applies gets the job.

    Thanks for reading, hope I get some encouraging comments for him!
  2. I also have a friend who was with this girl, and......... but, hey, that's best saved for another time!

    Tell your friend to peruse the Army website, search this website for all that is relevant (and much that isn't), visit the ACIO and grab any freebies, and then follow the instructions on the tin.

    But if he asks someone else to do that which he really should be doing himself, he ain't no officer material. QED.

  3. But surely that is what they all do anyway, get the blokes to do all the leg work than lay back and revel in the glory, or is it called delegation???

  4. If he doesn't try he will never know. Your friend should also make sure that he looks other corps as each has its own personality as my brother send to me before I joined up the a lot of work done by an officer is universal to the entire army it all about which were you feel you fit into best.
  5. If that was all that was required, Sparky, none of the b******* would turn up for Sandhurst, other than out of a sense of curiosity!

  6. Thanks for the advice, I'm only asking for him because he doesn't have the internet. He's got an appoint next week to speak to them. Does anybody know the percentage roughly of people that get to become officers?

  7. PMSL Litotes,

    fair one, it is a good job though that they aren't given a map to find their way or half of them would still be lost.

  8. Depends on your definition of the start state and the end state! I believe that for the whole Army the figure between enquiries and arriving at the Depot is 1 in 20. That is, 20 enquiries lead to one soldier arriving at the gate (sic).

  9. Alternatively, and thanks to Sparky:

    That is, 20 enquiries lead to one officer arriving at the gate - eventually and with his map upside down!

  10. Quality, Litotes, Quality.

  11. and. failing all of the above... go air force.
  12. Worth adding that the proportion of those who finish RMAS Commissioning Course to those who start it is is over 80%.

    However, the AAC is one of the most over-subscribed Corps with some rather esoteric entry requirements involving a "flight aptitude test". Even those who make it in often don't stay long. The one chap I commissioned with who joined AAC is now in the AGC(ETS).

    If your friends principle ambition it to fly, then he'd be better of with the crabs. But if he mainly wants to be an Army officer, then by all means apply for AAC sponsorship (at the very least it'll mean some great familiarization visits) but be aware that there are many other worthy Corps and Regiments that might offer him more than he expects.

  13. His father sounds like a loving and supportive parent...cnut!
  14. gsxrcbr, hello again on another aviation related thread.

    If he wants to be an army air corps officer then their best chance is to be sponsored AAC from the beginning and maintain interest all the way through and just do well at Sandbags. Otherwise you have to be really quite special for them to look at you half way through. This is simply down to the number of cadets who put the corps down as second choice. 76 applied when I went through and only 6 of us got accepted. That sounds worse than it is, around 22 of those were first choice AAC.

    That said it may have now changed as the requirements for aircrew are 'adapting' to the Apache program. They're looking to roughly halve the number of Lynx pilots that they currently have, for example.

    To get round to actually answering your question, your pal has nothing to lose by going AAC as first choice as if he is any good another unit will accept him without a qualm should he fail grading or aptitude (both of which are normally done pre Sandhurst anyway).

    Of course if he fails the pilots course (failure rate roughly 1 in 6) a year or so in it may be another matter, but being career fouled is part and parcel of being an AAC officer!

    Don't advise him to join the crabs unless you think he's a dull social reject with no taste in suits!

    Hope that helps, and in answer to your other query, you again have nothing to lose, and no, you won't spend as much time in the field but do expect some. We are all still soldiers despite the opinions of some.
  15. I was told in my little briefing last week that roughtly only 3 or 4 applications are filled for every 20 enquiries, so if one in 20 turns up at the gate is that an rejection rate of 60-75 % at the RCB?