Quick question about aptitude test for AAC


How long are the results of the aptitude tests and medical valid for?

I understand you can only have a maximum of two attempts, and that these attempts must be a year apart, however nothing mentioned about if you pass, how long that would be considered as a green light to proceed...


Anyone!? Appreciate it is not one of the common questions... Have asked ACIO but no luck yet
I believe it is 2 or 3 years from passing aptitude.

Cant find my bit of paper from Cranwell to confirm that though.

Best of luck with your application*

*learn some patience you stroppy ****.
Medical worth quite a long time - if it's expired and you've passed it's no biggie, you just go do another. Once you've passed aptitude, you've passed. I think only the crabs are putting expiry dates on aptitude. Best get your ACO to contact Wallop and find out if you're that concerned.
Cheers lads.
My RCB has expired (7years apparently) so he wants me to get AOSB sorted before I get to talk to the AAC again!

Am spending my time practising the necessary speed, dist, time calculations and trying to run without vomming!

I'm 26 and time is against me so hoping to cut down on any assessment centres that I have previously passed.

If your med and aptitude are 7 years out then you'll be redoing them as the aptitude tests have changed a few times
They changed the tests at somepoint in 07. Did I do the weird planning SDT one with Jupiter etc in? If u did you'll probably be ok on aptitude. Med will need to be redone

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