Quick (probably stupid, but can't find it via search) Question !

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stiffnah, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. After a bit of a conversation, decided to crack on with it - going to my first weekend very soon, and naturally have a question that I probably should've asked at the TAC, but didn't think to !

    Q - I've got my bergan & the enormous hold-all full of stuff. Should I be cramming the kit list into the bergan, or taking a hold-all or rucksack with things in also ?
  2. Your main military kit should go in your bergen i.e. doss bag, bivvi bag, cbrn kit if applicable, basha building kit if in the field, then your civvies, spare shoes ipad, laptop etc should go in your holdall. However, when I was at a RTC training recruits (or SUTs) if it was a field weekend, they bought their bergen, webbing, helmet with everything in their bergen needed to sustain them for the weekend in the field, i.e. poncho, torch, gortex, spare trousers, doss bag, bivi bag etc. No civvies were needed as they were not going to be able to wear them at all over a field weekened. We also recommended that they bring a small holdall, that could be left in the barracks which contained a change of civvy clothing should the weekend be a wahsout, this meant they could travel home in comfort.
    If it was not a field weekend then they still bough their bergen and webbing but in addition, they would bring a civvi holdall which contained their civvy clothes and their homely comforts.
    So I would say in every case, take your bergen and if not in the field, take a holdall as well with civvy stuff in.
    Hope this helps
  3. Thanks very much !

    Crammed the likely-to-be-needed green stuff into the bergan, and the rest is in the hold-all. It's amazing the amount of space that a pair of trainers, PT kit, spare shirt, and wash bag can take up !
  4. If it's your first week end take everything you've been issued, if the ATU staff are doing it properly you'll be having a 100% kit check to ensure you've been issued it.

    As has been said on numerous occasions by the training staff, take everything every weekend, the programme can, and does change sometimes at the last minute.

    What Sgt SP says makes sense however always pack a pair of civvies.
  5. Be careful with your valuable items; phones, laptops, wallet, etc. especially if you intend to leave them unattended for any length of time. Do not rely on the honesty of your fellow recruits or the ability of a locker to keep things safe whilst you are not nearby.
  6. On a weekend, and thinking that people will be taking a laptop? Really? Surely chatting with your mates, studying or sleeping is the preferred option.
  7. believe me, you will be suprised what some SUTs will take on a weekend. We once had a girl take a hairdryer with her on a field exercise. When it was discovered on the kit check, she was asked 'where the **** do you think you're gonna plug this in????'
    However, it probably is advisable to leave valuables at home. We even tell the SUTs to buy a cheap watch to wear on exercise, so their good one doesn't get knackered.
  8. I concur regarding laptop, iPod etc; but if it's a decent watch it should be able to stand up to any punishment you can throw at it. My Omega has survived MST and HERRICK no problem!
  9. Welcome to the Greenskin, Hope you enjoy it. Please don't turn into one of the stereotypical ******* who use it as a drinking club
  10. Oh and trust no-one with your valuables. Trust has to be earnt. And label ALL of your kit
  11. And put your name on the kit; NOT the lable!
  12. Don't be taking laptops and shit like that for weekends, I'm sure you can do 1 and a half days without it. By all means bring it on your TSC (B) though.
  13. Oh and if it's not already been said.....get a decent padlock your choice but with a combination you wont loose it....forget it yes but not loose it.