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Long story short, my Aunty was in the horspiddle and pretty much told my dad she was gonna meet her maker, which she's not. Dramatic fart.
He sorted out her shit tip of a house out, bought her a new kitchen and got rid of the many rabbits, dogs and cats she accumulated over the years which were shoddily looked after.
Now he's had phone calls from the police, the latest being an ultimatum to return the dog or face prosecution weeks ago. Plenty of phone calls since but not one visit.
So, is it normal practice? I was always under the impression the first thing they'd do would knock the door? Or is it as we thought just her mates cousin ringing up to put the frighteners up him?


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Mate it should be fairly easy for him to verify whether the calls are from a genuine Officer. They should identify themselves and give a station. A phone call or even a check of the local Policing website will probably identify them.
As to whether he is liable for prosecution I don't know enough of the facts to say. If he can prove he did it with the best intentions he should be ok.
From my experience of going on blue light runs to silly situations, I would say that unless the dog and cat were actually cattle civpol would prefer to keep it as a civil rather than criminal action. If he has a worry, he should phone the CBM/neighbourhood policing team sgt. to query what has happened.

IF the local CBM felt it was worth police time being investigated he would get a knock on the door and advice for mediation rather than dodgy phone calls.
To add: the CPS would most likely not bother bringing a criminal case against him, especially considering there doesn't appear to have been any investigation which, would involve a statement from both parties being taken.

Also, when animals are involved it is usually left to the RSPCA to bring a private prosecution which is usually only regarding animal cruelty. Theft if animals isn't as clear cut as theft if a shampoo bottle from boots.

It may have been better to gave sought advice from RSPCA/dogs protection, cats protection etc about re-homing, or indeed about the forced removal of the animals if there was a health issue fir either human or animal.

The council may also have had something to say health-wise if there was a lot of animals there, especially if the woman was not in a suitable level of health to look after herself never mind other animals!
The copper who rang is from a different constabulary and we've checked and it doesn't cover our town. Can't think of the right word for it.. Just seems odd that they keep threatening him with court and this and that yet no ones turned up at his door.
It's unusual for an officer from another force area to make contact directly; they would usually get their counter part to do it.

If there are any concerns you can always phone the police switch board/non emergency number and explain the details and get the right person to speak to that way. Or, pop along to the nearest police station and ask for advice.

The exact details if everything should be written down so you can give the police something to run with.


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The copper who rang is from a different constabulary and we've checked and it doesn't cover our town. Can't think of the right word for it.. Just seems odd that they keep threatening him with court and this and that yet no ones turned up at his door.
Sounds pony to me. The Police don't usually threaten in this fashion (despite what people say). If there is an offence they will investigate it gather evidence. Interview the suspect under caution and then put a file forward.
In order to do that they need to meet your Uncle in person. It would be unusual to keep making threats of prosecution without taking any direct action.
Tell your Dad that the next time the 'officer' calls him to demand the dog/cat back (never heard of that in 23 years in the blue suit) tell him to call his solicitor and speak to him then put the phone down.

If he wants to he can also remind the caller that impersonating a police officer is an offence, although there are quite a few in the job that are guilty of that (thought I would get that one in first).
Next time they call send them off with a flea in their ear.
Next time they call tell them the dog in question was a fighting pitbull and that you put it in a duvet cover and humanely through it in a river. if the calls genuine youll both get nicked. hope this helps Jennixx
You should put them off the scent to avoid getting your collar felt. But first you need to sniff out who exactly is behind the phone calls and track them down so they can be in the dog house after you give them a flea in the ear. Of course it might be a cop who is as bent as a dogs hind leg and in that case you might have a ruff time of it until you can piss on it all and walk away. No need to cultivate a hang dog look even though goodness nose how it may turn out. So you might as well have a hair of the proverbial and lap up the fun.
Fook me, this plod thread has gone to the dogs even quicker than normal and divvy civvie hasn't arrived to start barking at the moon yet.

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