Quick one about adventure training

Is there a like a 'noticeboard' and you put your names forward or do each regiment have 'school trips'? If it coincides with training or an exercise would you be turned down?
It's not really relevant right now as I'm still applying but I'm just a bit curious and over keen :)
Also, I'm not very active other than running and going to the gym, so which sports would be best for fine tuning my fitness and help me become a team player? Would a running club class as a 'team'? (Sorry for being a dullard)


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All AT has been cancelled due to the SDSR. All future team building and recreation will consist of one subsidised trip to the Bowlarama or ice rink per regiment, per financial year. Beer will not be provided but bag meals may be requested from the cook house in the usual manner.
Ha yeah, but would 'I go running with a club' sound better than 'I go running after work a couple times a week'? Probably worth joining just to get me churn out some longer runs.
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