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Argentina: Thousands At Anti-Fernandez Rally

Thousands of people have taken part in a protest against Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner days before crucial elections.

The "cacerolazo" rally took place ahead of a primary that will define the candidates for October's legislative elections and determine the fate of Ms Fernandez's party, which currently controls the country's Congress.

Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks and shirts of the national football team unfurled a huge Argentinian flag and carried signs condemning corruption, inflation and unchecked presidential power as they marched through Buenos Aires.

Some dressed in prison uniforms to depict Ms Fernandez and her late husband and former president Nestor Kirchner behind bars.

The theme of the protest was "Let's shake things up" - taken from Pope Francis' recent speech to Argentinians in Rio de Janeiro.

One man called Pedro said: "We have elections in three days. We want to clearly express so that there is no doubt, that we are against everything this government is doing."

Another said: "The constitutional guarantees appear to no longer exist, the restrictions on US dollars that can be purchased, insecurity, inflation ... They keep issuing bank notes, but money is tight."

A cacerolazo (stew pot) protest, where people gather and bang pots, pans and other utensils for attention, is traditional in Argentina and some other Spanish-speaking countries.

The crowds at the latest protest - the fourth against the government in less than a year - were smaller than at previous street protests.

Campaigning for the primary has ended, but a huge and deadly gas explosion in Rosario prompted politicians to cancel their final rallies and led to subdued demonstrations.
Will this be timed to coincide with the latest Spanish go at Gibraltar? Now that the task force is committed to the Med a scuffle on two fronts would be disastrous for HMG. Expect another flurry of strongly worded letters, second class to save on costs.
Think the chickens are about to come home to roost for the "beloved" Christina. She has seemed to have thought she could fool all of the people all of the time, instead she is having difficulty fooling some the people some of the time.
as we type so crusty old retired chinless wonder is being dusted off for a talking head slot on sky,"blah blah harrier blah aircraft carrier blah blah slr"etc.
Emergency botox injections are being flown in as we type. her face will remain fixed while her sphincter claps like a castanet.

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