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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by broken_man, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. Ok I've only read the last 5 pages of the PECOC thread, and frankly can't be arsed to read the rest, so apologies if this has been answered already...

    Now the new multi-cam is going to be issued, can I hand in the mahoosive crate of old desert 95s that's filling up the corner of my room? I've had enough of lugging them all from posting to posting and it would be so much easier if they were off my flick!

    Anyone with pukka knowledge let me know and I'll be turning up on the RQ's doorstep next week! (or should I save them for Tehran 2020?)
  2. Keep em bud, retro is well ally. Show the FNGs in the block who's the daddy... or wait til you're 40-something and use them for gardening!
  3. I've got some old-school shoulder-epaulette Granby era ones which are well ally (and probably saved my life a few times already... :soldier: )

    Might keep one set to wheel out on special occasions.
  4. I'll tag this on here to save starting a new thread.Does anyone know if those in a frontline role on H12 are getting solely MTP, a bit of both, or can I get away with using my old "ally" dessies?
  5. The first issue is going to those on H12.
  6. Might be worth money one day

    Think Denison Smock..........

  7. Cheeky fcuker!!
  8. You're RAauxF aren't you? If you're going to Kandahar I don't think you'll be getting them on H12.
  9. Im not going to Kandahar.
  10. ... or Bastion :)
  11. Or Bastion :D
  12. our lot have just been issued the old kit and told they will get the MTP and Mk 7 helmets in theatre......now where have I heard that one before?
  13. just been issued the new mtp for H12 been told to take both desert and the new mtp
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Some of our lads have been through RTMC in prep for H12 and have been issued the DPM not MTP.