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Hi everyone. im new to the site and just have a quick question. I got deffered from adsc due to high blood pressure. i was sent away to have a 24 hr abp monitor test done from my GP. when i recieved my resuslts i was pleased as it turned out my BP was a perfectly normal 119/80. i went back to ADSC and passed. I have my prac coming up soon and hopefully i will be succesfull.

What i want to know is when i go to basic and have the medical and they take my BP., if it reads high (which it most likely will because my GP said whenever i have medicals or get it tested it rises. white coat) will they kick me out even though they have my 24 hr results from my GP and those resuslts were normal.

Thanks for reading. hope to be in basic by january. would of done prac already but it got cancelled due to floods in north yorkshire. cant help the weather i spose .


I doubt it, it'll be recorded on you docs so they'll know you've had a test and nothing was found.

They found a heart murmur when I went to my first selection, went away had a test and nothing was found. I then passed selection (nothing was said) and when I started at Pirbright they picked it up on my medical, they then checked my docs said it was fine and passed me.
I have no idea. When I had my medical my test was high as well. I was told by the doc that they expected high results as people are nervous around doctors.

Realistically why don't you ask your careers office, and take some lifestyle choices which will help you out. If you smoke, stop. If you drink a lot cut down. If you have a lot of bad food then change that for healthy stuff. Even stuff like fizzy drinks makes a large difference.

ultimately doing lots of cardio is your best bet. Skim, run and cycle. Turn yourself into a phys god and smash the pti's and you will have no problems. I'm working now, on running 4 times a week 15k, I'm swimming 3 times a week and I have given up using my car and now use my road bike to get anywhere which is sub 30k. All these things are helping me to get fitter. I've also stopped smoking and now only drink on one day of the week. I've substituted white bread for brown and am taking processed foods out of my diet.
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